WMR Overlay crashes VR BUG

There is a bug that causes VR-mode to deactivate when pressing the windows button in VR (while WMR commands are active (win+y key)) in cockpit.

This was raised before by other people but seems to have never been addressed. Before people were suggesting that this might be a WMR issue but weirdly enough it was working perfectly fine before the recent update.
I have also noticed that it works perfectly fine inside the VR Menu of MSFS which makes it very likely that this is a MSFS bug insider the cockpit only… Also, the overlay works perfectly fine with SteamVR.

This functionality is a game-changer as it allows you to watch videos/open browser etc inside the cockpit. I was using it constantly before. As this is a core WMR functionality and the game supposedly optimised for the G2 this should be fixed (espc. since it was working before)…

I tried several drivers/ reinstalled the sim/ reinstalled WMR, OpenXR to see if it might be due to something else but I am sure that it’s just the latest MSFS version that is causing it

In case someone wants to vote. I filed a bug. Thanks

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