WMR start menu overlay crashes VR mode

There is a bug that causes VR-mode to deactivate when pressing the windows button in VR (while WMR commands are active (win+y key)) in cockpit.
The start menu WMR overlay works while being in the MSFS menu and only crashes MSFS VR mode while being activated in cockpit. It was working before (before public release) and as both programs are from Microsoft, the functionality to open windows and apps inside the cockpit should be supported in order to do serious simming.

No screenshot needed it will just crash MSFS VR (return to MSFS 2D and go back to cliff house environment.

Steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Activate VR mode inside the cockpit.
  2. Change input to WMR (Win + Y key)
  3. Open WMR start menu overlay (Win key)

Thank you for this! I thought I was going crazy crashing VR while trying to open the WMR start menu in the cockpit. I hope this gets fixed!

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I reproduced it too. Can confirm it. Is there any (other) way to get an app or window from desktop into VR (WMR)?

Great to see this finally getting some traction - hopefully the WMR/MSFS team will investigate this.

I mentioned it somewhere else: For now, you can open windows in the cliffhouse environment or in the MSFS main menu and make them “follow” you. This way virtual windows will remain in your view when you load into the cockpit. Once you are in the cockpit, you can move to a position that suits you and control using win+y. Just try to avoid hitting the windows button by accident.

Can we interact with our mouse with the virtual screens in VR?
I tried but It always frustrates me because of these crashes and in VR I find it hard to locate the WIN+Y keys.

I just want a tablet as desktop screen in VR that I can use any program and browser window like on a regular desktop.

Flying VFR requires a lot of charts, Sectionals, AIP, VPilot, Notepad, etc, etc.

After hearing from another user that he doesn’t have this issue (thx @NguyenQHy) , I have been playing around with every setting to reliably prevent the crash in cockpit. I will give updates once I find better solutions but for now:

  1. Setting motion reprojection in OpenXR to AUTOMATIC
  2. Hitting Esc key before initial WMR start (doesn’t seem to be necessary after initial run)

Hopefully together we can get closer to the root-cause and help Microsoft/Asobo fix this as I still believe this is a great feature of WMR headsets. Perhaps @Jummivana can forward this thread (as she has done with previous workarounds) :slight_smile:

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I’m still having the same problem. after googling around I found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/k3kiz9/windows_button_on_keyboard_and_sometimes/

I reported feedback, lets see what happens now coming from the MS WMR team.

And Betze7210, what do you mean with step 2?

I sent them this bug months ago - even uploaded all of the supplementary files but there has been no acknoledgment since then. Anyway, it can’t hurt to try to get their attention through multiple channels.

To clarify: Before I use the WMR start menu overlay inside the cockpit for the first time, I hit the Esc key in order to go into the menu and pause the game.
After I have opened the WMR start menu once this way, I can reopen the WMR start menu freely without pausing the game.

I mentioned in another topic that this seems to be resource related where the initial WMR start menu launch will crash VR mode if there is not enough resources. I believe hitting Esc key helps with that and once it ran for the first time it’s not crashing for me anymore.

Let me know if this is still unclear.

This makes sense, thank you for elaborating!
Will definitely try this when I have the chance!

No problem - let me know how it goes.