WMR- What the heck am I looking at?

Title says it all…

Something to do with VR immersive on game from what little I just found on google…

Dont update it!.. broke my VR in MSFS… I now have plenty of blackouts since the last update of OpenXR for WMR… Totally unplayable in VR for my Reverb G2

You just been warned!

OXR is a developer toolkit. It enables you to tweak the settings for your VR - e.g. enabling reprojection and render scaling. This is not spyware, malware or dodgy at all, but is a very helpful tool in setting up your VR to best effect. As @CptLucky8 says in the post I;ve linked below:

FS2020 is using OpenXR (OXR), a VR Application Programing Interface (API). It is independent of Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) or SteamVR (OpenVR) and Its value proposition is to make any application instantly compatible with any headset as long as there is an OpenXR driver for it.

In order to get the most of the FS2020 VR experience, you must download and install the following:
OpenXR Developer Tools for Windows Mixed Reality from the Microsoft Store

I suggest you have a look at this very detailed post/thread which may be very helpful in getting your VR working well. This will also help to explain what OXR is and why it will really help you.

@OSalvadorO - there is an option on OXR to disable the latest preview version - try deselecting that (as I hve below) and it will likely solve your blackout issues.

I use the Reverb G2 too, with WMR and OXR and it is excellent.


That part I’m quite familiar with. It’s the other one (that I circled) that has me scratching my head. I’ve never noticed it before so I don’t know if it’s new, or if it just updated for the first time in like forever.

Either way, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, @OSalvadorO seems to think it’s the latter.

I believe the version numbering is the clue… I will refer to them as purple and black for ease…
Purple - this is the base OXR application/runtime/etc that makes the WMR headset tick
Black - this is the dev toolkit that allows, among other things, to use the “latest preview”.

If you turn latest preview on and off via the OXR Dev tools (black), you should see under system status (in dev tools) that when “on”, the “Runtime version” matches the OXR Dev Tools version. When “off”, it matches the “OXR for windows” version.

Thats my take anyhow…

Click on it to open its page in Microsoft Store.
I guess it is actual OpenXR library.

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OK, so I have both of these too. The one called OpenXR Developer Tools for WMR (the black one) is the one that I have as a desktop shortcut that gets me to the OpenXR window where I can set render scale, reprojection etc.

So I agree with @NumberNumber481 - looks like the black one gives you access to the developer tools which modifies how the purple one runs - it seems to just run alongside WMR I think.

I think the dev tools need the actual OXR that it is the tools for?

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