Won’t go above 30 FPS

My game will not go above 30,not even in the menu and even changing everything to low and switching off online and all the real time stuff I’m still not getting above 30. I have a 3090 and a 5950x. How do I find whats limiting my frames to this extent. I’ve tried every other game I have installed and they run fine

I’am over 30 and I hate this :rofl:

No. back to serious.

Which kind of monitor you have and have you possible enabled V-Sync - may be in-game or manual setting within the nvdia-control center ?

Yeah I figured it out. Nvidia control panel was limiting my FPS.

Actually scratch that i’m still having problems. Despite having a 3090, a 5950x, 32 GB of 3600mhz ram even if I lower alot of settings down to high and medium I cannot get above low 30’s at airports and the most i’ve got way above the clouds was 52FPS with stuttering… Is there something im missing? for the spec of the PC the frames are dissapointing. Is my computer struggling somewhere or is the game really that unoptimized even on high end rigs?

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Yes, yes, and yes. I can’t help much with the first yes though. We all struggle with that at times.

That is certainly not normal, not unless you’re running at a ridiculously high res, so maybe check that. Otherwise I reckon there’s an issue with your PC. Was it recently built? Did you built it yourself? I think it may be a case of a very sloppy build that’s having severe thermal issues, or maybe just a defective graphics card (again, with something wrong with the thermals). If you think this may be the case it’s essential that you stop using the PC immediately and seek support. If it’s a prebuilt or you had it custom built for you just take it back to the shop and tell them something’s wrong. If you built it yourself try to get advice from someone you know may that may be able to help you rebuild the PC to see what’s wrong.

3 months later :rofl: