[Work in Progress] F-15E Flight Model Reworks Mod (+ MIL / AB Thrust Characteristics)

[ ◈ Work in Progress ◈ ]
KAiRi’s F-15E Rework Mod for DC Designs F-15E

◈ Completely reworked and redefined Flight Model & Characteristics
◈ Performance Simulation Target of Reworked Flight Model : Real-Life F-15E (A-A Loadout Drag Profile)
▷ Take off and Landing Performance Simulation
▷ Level Flight Acceleration above 10,000 feet
▷ Combat Maneuvering Capabilities
▷ Aerodynamic Center, Weight Distribution, Moment of Inertia Characteristic
▷ Maximum Take Off Weight and Loadout Weights
▷ Angle of Attack and Stall Characteristics
▷ Plus, Stability and Recovery

◈ Almost reworked Engine Performance and Characteristics
▷ Performance reworked as F100-PW-229 (Thrust and Fuel Consumption)
▷ Simulate Military Thrust (90% RPM in game, but 97% for real life F100-PW-229)
▷ Simulate Afterburner (Thrust and Fuel Consumption increasing)
▷ Simulate Fuel Consumption for 60% Idle RPM to 90% MIL RPM, plus Afterburner
▷ JFS Engine Startup Time
▷ Response times and ETCs

◈ Also, others fix and reworked :slight_smile:
▷ Flight Path Marker Location Redefine
▷ Landing Gear reworked to solve unstable taxing
▷ Add Landing/Taxing Light (This can see in the cockpit)
▷ Plus tons of fixes…but I can’t remember everythings…

◈ Reference Data
▷ Technical Order Documents about F-15E
▷ NASA Research Reports
▷ USAF Flight Test Reports
▷ Other Technical Research Papers and Reports
▷ + Personal Experience
*Served over 2 Years in Air Force for F-16C/D Block 52 Maintenance Department (Ret. Staff Sergeant)
**Ph.D of Aerospace Engineering

I and my friends disappointed for default model…this is the reason why I doing this rework. (I think almost done…maybe…? :disappointed_relieved:)

You can check the reworked progress above video link. (Taxi, Take off, MIL/AB Thrust Simulating, Fuel Consumption, Acceleration, Maneuvering, and Landing.)

Work in Progress Now :slight_smile: (Not released yet)

Released Now, Check below link :



thank you for working this. very badly needed

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Thanks for your comment. Now I release my mod.


I still test its flight performance, and I quite satisfying now because it shows similar flight characteristics to reference data (real-life F-15E flight test report) within test range. :slight_smile:

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So much fun. Its my go to quick flight plane now. Thanks