Workaround for crazy updrifts

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Currently, if we want to fly without horribly unreal turbulence during the day, there is a way to do it. During the daytime real time CET, we choose to fly in California, choosing daylight hours even though it is actually night time there and vice versa.
Generally, the unrealistic turbulences in the simulator are closely related to the real hour of the day that prevails in the area. When you try this, you will find that the gusts of wind, the force, and all the forces in the air are working properly.
To sum up, the troubles resulting from the ascending currents after the surface warms up are ultra exaggerated, underdeveloped, it seems that they are not influenced by either the topography or the type of terrain. The only difference is over the water.

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JUST RUN the Sim set real weather, but take place where now it’s night in real, and take day hours.

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But thats how it works IRL and you call it unrealistic? If you check Meteoblue the winds are more calm during the night because they predict the real world. And the real world is more calm at night because there is no sun heating up the earth that causes turbulence. If you change to night at california during night real time then you will have even smoother air because the sun is low.

The only issue i can think of is that we have both predicted real winds or Metar winds and also a sun generatingthermals in the sim on top of that. But we need some winds in the sim and i can’t think of any other way doing it.

They releasing gliders soon, how should those want to use that be able to fly those without thermals?

In su 10 they already limited those below 3KTS. That means it will be hard for those want to use gliders to find thermals in calm winds. IRL thermals exists more when there is calm air because where it’s hot the winds rise instead of moving horizontally.