Working on KEVV

I guess I can understand why MS didn't spend much time on my local airport, but the fact that it's barely recognizable prompted me to learn Blender (and GIMP) and start working on a replacement. The only thing I worry about is that it seems I'm back to doing something I said I wouldn't do ... more tinkering than flying.

I’ve frequented your airport many times. Not in the sim.

is it possible for a pointer to the tutorials you used?


As for tutorials, it’s been more of a YouTube search whenever I needed to do something in Blender.
For examples: How to cut holes in blender models, how to use the Boolean modifier, how to make pipes, 3d text, etch.
I’d used Sketchup alot, so I was familiar with the basic concepts.
If youre just starting out, then I found this guy useful …

He really got me going down the right path.

As for getting models into MSFS, this guy …

made it all clear.

The important thing is to see how things work. From there you can find your own ways of doing things.
Oh, you learn more from understanding why things aren’t working as you can when they do.

Hello. Glad to hear you’ve visited. I worked at Tri-State FBO for three years and took my flying lessons there … a loooong time ago.
I took my grandson by recently and was amazed at how the place seemed more like an abandoned airfield in Kansas rather than the vibrant FBO is was in its heyday. I can remember when the ramp used to be crammed with planes every day, and line service was always busy. It no longer has a flight school, no charters, aircraft rentals… nothing. I worked for 32 years as a newspaper copyeditor. Same story … vibrant in its heyday, now a ghost of a business.
So sad. But, as the Buddha said, only two things can be counted on: Death and impermanence. I’m just glad I was part of both.

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Hi - I am originally from EVV and it was great to see this post. Are you still able to work on it? Regardless, thanks for posting!

Agree. Have you seen X-Codr work on KEVV in X-plane? It is 100 percent accurate. Worked at EVV for over 30 years and agree with you. Not the same. But I still love it!! Curious how you KEVV project works out. Please keep me posted!

What years were you there?