Working on KFDK - Having fun with SDK

Nice work dude! Im struggling with taxiways. any tips?

I only get concrete taxiways, anyway to change that?

Objects > WorldScript (under Object type).
Scroll all the way down to: Scenarii\Test*****

what is the link to get started with using the SDK ? I cant seem to find it on the forums!

Here is a guide

I assume you use “Apron” to create your taxiway surfaces.

After you created “Apron”.

  • In the “Material Editor” under “Tags” select Asobo_Asphalt.
  • In the “Material Editor” under “Materials” select a material.
  • Now, select the “Apron” you want to assign the Material to.
  • In the “Properties” window for the “Apron” click on the button with “Surface” label to the right of the button.

Your “Apron” surface should now change to the material.

Also, under the same “Properties” window for the “Apron” you can activate (check box) “Enable Coloration” and change color of the material.

My daughter likes pink asphalt :rofl:

In order to see the coloration, you need to make sure you have “Airports Coloring” checked. It is under top menu: Options > Airports > Airports Coloring

Should be useful if you are trying to color code different surfaces to see what is what.

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Link to version 0.3 (previously 0.2)

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Thanks for the reply, will try it out!

I also see in the video that you have turning points at the end of the runway? I tried finding it but no luck.

Not sure I understand. What do you refer to: “turning points”?


Also using FDK to learn the SDK, have you seen the airborne plane baked into the satellite imagery lol

I don’t have it for my runways, but what you are referring to can be done with runway settings (Runway “Property” > Pavements. Most likely “Primary overrun” is this case.), or just use Apron. Add needed lines on top.

Still need to play with shapes and colors to get the desired result. :thinking:

Pink taxiways… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a FYI but the file is still named 0.2 although the text inside shows 0.3.

Looking good. How’d you get rid of the plane?

And did you somehow use coloration on the taxiways?

Is it possible to modify/ edit an airport already in FS2020 ? I want to modify KMDW ( Chicago Midway airport) . Basically add the control tower ( which is missing), and fix some hangar shapes, and add a boundary wall around the airport perimeter.

Is this possible or does every airport have to be built from scratch ?

KFDK is my home field! I’ve never seen pink taxiways, but the stucco on the Airways Inn is (almost) pink.

If you visit the airport frequently, you might know they are extending one of the taxiways and adding a run-up area at the end of runway 5. I believe it’s in preparation for extending rwy 5 to 6000 ft. Just curious if you were planning on adding that in since it’s the near-future state or stick with the layout that matches the Bing imagery?

Oh, and I always assumed the plane in Bing Maps was the inevitable result of Kurt Russell landing Air Force One at “Frederick Field” in Executive Decision :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Good luck with the airport, it looks like you’re making it through the SDK in record time!

I was also looking into that and couldn’t figure out the way. Also there is this topic How to EDIT existing airport scenery?. According to it there is no way to edit airports as for now. Hopefully they will add such option at some point, would be very nice to make couple quick fixes to airports I’ve flown and share it.

Hello everyone. Thank you for all your comments.

This is not my document. The document was created by the person who started the post:

So, many thanks to the person. I replied the following in his post: “Thank you so much! This is perfect! Was killing myself trying to figure out the steps. Now building my first airport. Have done some for default X-Plane gateway (KFDK, KGAI, UKBB, and some more).”

You can cover it with “Apron” and for the “Apron: adjust material, shape, color, feathering. Multiple “Aprons” can be used, one next to each other, to pain more precisely. There may be a better solution, but this is how I figured it out at the moment.

Regarding “Pink taxiways”: My daughter likes pink asphalt…

I was just experimenting, and when I took the screen shots, I forgot to regenerate the package.

You can read above in one of my replies how to color surfaces.

I don’t think it is possible at the moment. There may be a way for more advanced developers, but I am not there yet. MSFS2020 developers will most likely add the capability into the SDK at some point.

I am at KGAI.

No pink taxiways. Please see my reply above :slightly_smiling_face:. If you download my X-Plane KFDK from x-*****.org, you will see the “almost pink Airways Inn”. The model is not great, but I was just experimenting / starting with 3D modeling at the time. In the model you can even see my reflection in one of the windows :star_struck: when I was taking photos of the building.

At the moment it will be only the way it is in Bing / Google satellite. I will update when Microsoft will update the satellite tiles.

““Frederick Field” in Executive Decision” Yes, I will put Cessnas along the runway and land the 747 at night :grinning:

I made some progress with the airport creation. Will add more screenshots / videos later.

Today we should see first patch for MSFS2020, I hope there are improvements to the SDK .

I am thinking to start streaming my screen when I work on the KFDK.

Would you watch something like this?

There will be no commentary at this time. There will be some music, maybe. You will be able to see what I am doing and how I am doing it. Sometimes there will be no movement, if I need to step away for a relatively short time and don’t want to turn the stream off.

I have never streamed live, so something new for me. Just configured my system for streaming last week.

Let me know.