Working Title CJ4 0.7.1 Released

Hi all,

We’ve updated the CJ4 to 0.7.1 to fix the display freezing and other issues found today. This is a hotfix for critical bugs found in v0.7.0 but also brings lights to the lower CCP panel finally! Thanks to all the helpful folks who contributed to this release.

You can grab the hotfix at our release page. Scroll down to the bottom and download the file.

Key Features

  • Added backlighting to lower CCP panel to complete lighting on the panel
  • Fixed bugs with freezing MFD and FMC in some situations


  • Fix Metric conversion errors on perf init
  • Fix Metric conversion errors on fuel mgmt


  • Fixed error with certain navaid loading when search query returns an empty value (example case NDB HM)


  • Repaired map conflict with other WT mods that share the same common mapping code (thanks to Viralwhite for initial diagnosis help)
  • Resolve freezing MFD/PFD error with altitude constraint selection (this option has been disabled as the data is inaccurate)
  • Fixed bug displaying waypoint names in black on black background
  • Adjusted leg colors to show active leg magenta, and others in white


  • Fixed metric conversion display errors

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Working Title CJ4 v0.7.0 Changes

We are happy to announce the release of the Working Title CJ4 v0.7.0! This version brings a long list of changes to the CJ4, including some that will be very helpful while flying approaches. We’ve also brought the display modes in line with the real aircraft. Thanks to all the helpful folks who contributed to this release.

You can download this release by heading to our 0.7.0 release page and downloading the at the bottom of the page.

Important Feature Change

The active flight plan route will no longer be displayed in the ARC or ROSE modes. This is accurate to the actual aircraft. The ARC and ROSE modes are designed to work with the course pointer system. If you would like to see the flight plan route, you must use the PPOS display mode (very similar to ARC, except with the active flight plan instead of pointers) or the PLAN mode.

To activate the new altitude select range indicator (altitude banana), press DSPL MENU on the FMC, then go to page 2. Press LSK3L to activate the indicator. The indicator will only be displayed in the PPOS mode.

Demo video: Working Title CJ4 0.7.0 Features Showcase

Feel free to test out our new Simbrief Profile: SIMBRIEF PROFILE

Check out our interim SoP doc: Interim SoP Document


Installation is easy, simply copy the workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder inside the zip file to your MSFS Community folder.

Important: We recommend that you fully delete the previous workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder before copying this release.

Key Features

  • Added proper VOR navigation modes, including the ability to track VOR1 and VO2
  • Added capability to set CRS on both VOR1 and VOR2
  • MFD MEM mode memory persists between flights
  • Correct course needles on the PFD and MFD for FMS and NAV
  • Ghost localizer needle overlay in FMS mode
  • Metric units support
  • Top-of-descent (TOD) indicator should now display on the moving map and its position properly calculated
  • Ability to use a GPU on the ground
  • Correct ARC, ROSE, and PPOS display modes
  • Altitude select range arc on PPOS Mode
  • Persistent hide yoke feature


  • SimBrief load should no longer randomly fail on airway loads
  • Improved scratchpad handling to better reflect the actual unit (thanks @panourgue)
  • Able to hide yokes in MOD SETTINGS and stay persistent


  • Setting an origin should now properly clear the whole flight plan
  • Setting destination should clear all procedures
  • Page should now show correct “NOT ON GROUND” if attempting to set origin while airborne
  • Inputting an invalid fix should no longer clear the entire temporary flight plan


  • Restored ability to set custom QNH (thanks @panourgue)
  • Pages should no longer crash without selected runways


  • Fixed issue where fuel management page would spontaneously continue to reappear (thanks Wombii)


  • Overhauled the waypoint disambiguation page to reflect the real unit layout
  • Suggested fixes should now be orderd by distance from plane position
  • You can now go to multiple pages of SELECT WPT, should there be any (thanks Danice737)


  • A GPU can now be connected to the plane on the mod settings page
  • Cabin lights are now properly tied to the battery bus state. This should also bring the flashlight back
  • Cabin lights state should be properly saved between flights and will no longer default to on
  • You can now clear your input SimBrief pilot ID (thanks @panourgue)
  • You can now select metric or imperial units for the aircraft


  • You can now go to all takeoff ref pages even without a selected runway


  • Pressing the DEP/ARR FMC button should now take you automatically to the appropriate procedure phase as it does in the real unit
  • Page no longer miscalculates the number of total pages
  • Available approach runways from the selected arrival should now match correctly
  • The LSK should no longer select the wrong runway if an arrival is also selected


  • ARC, ROSE, and PPOS modes have been overhauled. You should no longer see the route map in ARC and ROSE modes, but only in PPOS and PLAN modes (Selected from FMS DSPL MENU)
  • Properly modeled and styled course needles have been added to the ARC and ROSE modes reflective of the real aircraft
  • The dotted blue ghost localizer needle now shows in ARC and ROSE if you have FMS selected, a localizer tuned, and within range (~30NM from airport)
  • The altitude range arc has been added to PPOS mode and will now show when you will reach your selected target altitude (thanks WT Garmin team)
  • Metric and imperial units switch should be reflected on the PFD/MFD
  • Top-of-descent (TOD) indicator should now display on the moving map and its position properly calculated
  • Heading bug resized
  • Heading bug and line should now appear and disappear properly in the ARC and ROSE modes
  • Changed color of deviation diamonds to green when on an ILS
  • Changed deviation diamonds from filled to outlined diamond for accuracy
  • Magenta track bug hidden when on the ground, resized, and overlayed over heading bug for visibility.
  • When switching to NAV1 or NAV2, you can now select the NAV AP button to enable tracking the tuned VOR or localizer
  • The weather radar sweep indicator should no longer show when WX is not being displayed
  • Bearing pointers should no longer show in PLAN mode
  • Fixed VSpeeds turning cyan when selecting options in the PFD menu


  • Fixed crash when there was no flight plan

Known Issues

  • The speed constraints on arrivals may not show correctly because of database issues.
  • After using Direct-To, the navigation will not always automatically sequence to the next fix and may enter ROL mode. You can re-activate NAV to navigate to the next fix if you encounter this issue.
  • The aircraft is still using the built-in MSFS autopilot (for now). All the existing limitations of that still apply. It does behave a bit better with the various enhancements applied.
  • Some flight plan distances may still be misreported when the approach is activated. Please log an issue if you encounter this with details.
  • Some instances of the autopilot skipping approach waypoints still occur - this is deep in the sim handling of waypoints and is, for now, out of our hands. We will continue to research this.

Great work as usual!

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Have been waiting for this! :smiley:


Are the fmc independent of each other

We have not changed the FMCs being connected together. It will require some work, as we have to hand edit the cockpit model file, and it heavily impacts fps. So for now we’ve opted not to until we can do some optimization of the existing code.

Encountered a weird issue on the first test flight of the new version. Flight from SEGU to SEQM… ILS Approach with a SID and STAR selected from the flight planner… Towards approach (not quite there) it stopped following the FMS route. It was keeping on course. I had PFD configured to show the route while the MFD was showing the pointer. The aircraft was showing FMS tracking. Towards the approach, the course very gradually turns right, but the aircraft kept straight. The pointer needle on the right display kept pointing straight while the aircraft was obviously deviating from the course shown in the left window. At some point, the AP stopped following altitude assignments and VS commands as well. I tried disabling AP, but no luck. When I first spotted the issue, I noticed the NAV mode of AP was somehow disabled. That’s strange, cause I certainly enabled it once I was airborne and stable. I re-enabled it while troubleshooting, but it still didn’t follow the course. It WAS following the course needle, which seemed to be pointed in the wrong heading. Any insight?

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Amazing work guys. Can’t thank you enough for all your mods.

Ah great!

@metal2211 did you see the changes about the VOR Tracking? xD

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Why would you want independent ops?

It’s been many years ago but IIRC in .g. the 767 you knew that you were in trouble when you got an ‘independent ops’ FMC message.

So… just did another flight… This time the flight plan was followed by FMS exactly as expected. Go figure… :slight_smile: Oh well… Great job, guys, as usual!

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Yes I did and it is great! Last night it was super late but I managed to give a try, and both NAVs and CRS worked with VORs, plus i finally managed to insert the Skwak code!

It’s unbeliavable what this guys are pulling off, these mods became a fundamental part of the game at this point, including the awesome Garmin mods. i could no longer play without this stuff!

Anyway, i wanted to report a couple of bug i had with the 0.6.1

  1. after importing this route from Simbrief


(you should be able to see that from Skyvector), when inbound to ING vor, following the B2 vector to ES, the NAV stopped following the route. Can it be related to the fact that I incremented the sim rate before, maybe did it messed up something?

  1. Before importing this specific route, Simbrief suggested to pass on the (IIRC) 6410N waypoint, which i discovered being a geographic coordinate in Longitude/Latitude component rather than a waypoint. So, this wasn’t recognize as waypoint from the game, and the FMS couldn’t finish the importing procedure from Simbrief. It is perhaps an issue from the base autopilot? Is there anyway to specific geographic coordinates?

Thanks for your work!

PS: have you guys contacted Asobo? I remember that they suggested that during the last livestream in particular to you and FlyByWire :slight_smile:

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Not independent ops in the sense that changes made in FMS 1 are not synced to FMS 2, As you said, independent mode in flight is a problem, because it indicates the two FMS computers are in disagreement about current position or some other data relating to the aircraft state.

What is needed though (eventually) is simply the ability to display different pages on each FMS - i.e. LEGS on FMS 1, and PROG on FMS 2. Right now the two FMS CDUs always mirror each other.


Love your mod

However would like to report a bug

Pressing FRMT button a couple times causes the bottom half of the PFD to disappear with no way to get it back

Hi all,

If you’re getting a PFD or MFD freeze when changing to the PPOS display mode (either via the menus or via FMT), then you are getting a conflict with an older version of the Working Title G3000. Please either uninstall it or update it to the latest version, and then that issue should disappear.

We will correct the conflict in 0.7.1, but that will work for now.

I love the altitude arc being added to the PPOS view.

However, my waypoint names are no longer showing up when in PPOS and PLAN display mode. Is there a way of turning them on?

This is unfortunately a bug we just discovered late last night after release. We should have a fix for that coming soon in 0.7.1.

Cool. Thanks. Another bug I encountered on my flight this morning is the altitude range ring Zooms away when you change the zoom level. So at 160NM Zoom you can’t see the ring.

I do have a question, as I am not a real pilot. Should the range ring not come closer to the plane as you reach the dialed in altitude? It doesn’t ever come close to the aircraft when I reach the altitude.

I deleted and redownloaded my G3000 mod

No more problem with the FRMT button


It should get closer to the aircraft as you get closer to your selected altitude, yeah. I’m not totally sure I understand what you mean on the zoom issue though. Are you saying as you zoom out (increase the map scale in NM), it gets relatively further away?

I think what happened is I reached the altitude before the calculated distance.

I think the issue is it doesn’t refresh automatically. So if you change VS or altitude after an initial selection during the ascent or descent the ring only updates if you change your zoom level.