Working Title CJ4 - aircraft limits throttle


So I’m not some professional flight simmer, but I’m learning new things every day since the launch. I downloaded Working Title CJ4 and it’s all great and fun, BUT…

I don’t know if it’s a bug in the mod or I don’t know something about managing this aircraft. Sometimes in mid-flight, when already cruising, the airplane suddenly cuts off some throttle. In a brief moment when warning shows up there’s info that reads “NG HI” (I managed to read it only by pausing the video, which I post below). So IIRC it has something to do with too much power on engines. After some random time this limit disappears and aircraft is gaining speed again, sometimes leading to another sudden limit. So what is happening here guys?

Mentioned video: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021.07.26 -
Here I have throttle at 103%, so yeah, maybe I’m a bit too hard on power. But the same thing happened to me when I was cruising at 95%, barely keeping 230kts (below redline) at FL400.

I think it may have to do with the weather making sudden changes. Been getting a lot of that lately. Watch for big changes in temperatures and pressure.

As said before, it is definitely the weather…

Notice in the beginning of the video if you look at the bottom of the screen (MFD screen) you can see the temp is “-39 Celsius” and 2 seconds later it suddenly jumps to “+40 Celsius”… That kind of sudden change and in that high altitude where the air is very thin will most likely make you fall out from the sky.

Probably a weather bug that will be sorted soon I’m guessing.

Wow, didn’t see it earlier. Definitely weather bug then. Alright, good to know I’m not the only one with this problem, maybe it’ll be sorted out, thank you :slight_smile:

Just started getting this issue after the latest update, spiking from -67c to +202c at FL450. This makes me sad.

I flew EDDL-EPGD today and I had this issue too on FL450. Temps jumped from -50°C or so to +200+°C. subsequently Descended FL410 and temps remained normal.

This problem appears to be at FL450 only?
I’ve completed my first couple MSFS flights in the WT CJ4 over the last days and never climbed above FL410 until today and I’ve never stumbled across this issue before.

According to “High-temperature spikes happen above 44000ft” are a known issue (Nov 2021).

Since the release of SU7, I limit my WT CJ4 flights to FL430 (westbound) or FL410 (eastbound). The release notes for SU7 say there are temperature spikes when at or above FL440.


Same issue at FL410. Temperature is at 216 degrees. Plane cannot hold altitude. Vel is at 70 …

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I noticed the problem at about FL440 a week or two ago. However, today it is happening about FL258 with both the CJ4 and TBM930. Restarted the sim and it is still happening.

I know I’m off topic and immensely stupid, but I can’t find how to post a new topic on this forum. Please help

It seems not to be an issue regarding the aircraft. It happens to the Longitude as well.

Can confirm. Tried to fly LOWK-URMN right now but at about FL240-270, temps suddenly jumped to +200°C again :frowning: