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Just for the record I did fly to YMLT in the DA-62 with exactly the same outcome - the AP took me over the terminal buildings to the left. So this is clearly an issue with data for this airport.

I did also fly the CJ4 from KJFK to KEWR and the ILS approach was not aligned with the runway - the AP took the plane just to the right of the runway, but it wasn’t far off. I will have to try again though - not sure if wind perhaps threw it off.

I did also fly the CJ4 to a couple of other ILS airports and they were lined up fine.

After more research I realised that only if I get to JC930 at the exact 9000 feet the AP will keep climbing, if it’s a lower than 9000 feet altitude when crossing the intersection, it won’t keep climbing and remain leveled at whatever altitude I’m in.

How can I increase the volume of the passenger briefing?

What is the best video for learning this AP



I love this video

Me too. I think it’s the best of its kind that I’ve ever come across.

This here is also good, but based on an older WT-Version, Waiting for an update :wink:

How To Fly the Working Title CJ4 - YouTube

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WOW This things great my new favorite plane.
Thanks for all the help.

There is also a follow-up tutorial with Matt and Filbert on doing VOR approaches if interested.


Couldn’t see/read the PFD & MFD.

They are talkking but not clearly stating what actions they are taking (buttons pressed, etc.).

I’ve been learning the WT CJ4 for the last few days and I keep encountering an annoyance that I’m hoping someone can help with. I believe I hit either MEM 2 or 3 to have my flight path show up on my MFD. I think it’s the same view as the PPOS option when selected in the lower MFD menu. Basically, the North-up view of the route you’re flying. Initially when this view is selected, your aircraft becomes the center of this view - you see your position bounding to upcoming waypoints. Your plane stays in the center as waypoints come on screen or drop off as you pass them.

But when I went to the FMS and used the next and previous waypoint buttons to view if my track was correct for landing, I noticed that the PPOS view on the MFD now makes my selected waypoint the focus. Totally makes sense, but I haven’t figured out how to return to having my plane be the focus again so I can see myself tracking to the next point. I’m not sure what to do, or if this question makes sense, but I’m hoping someone knows what I’m talking about. Any way to go back to my plane being the focus on the PPOS display option instead of my waypoints?

Thank you.

For PPOS view, you have to use Lower Menu to set it.

Pressing MEM2 will set the MFD to PLAN view.
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Memory 1, 2, and 3 Buttons - Allows the user to save MFD configuration states into one (1) of three (3) recallable memory banks. To save MFD states to memory, set the MFD layout configuration to a state which you would like to save. Then, press and hold the corresponding memory (MEM 1, 2 or 3) key for three (3) or more seconds and then release. The configuration should now be stored and can be recalled by pressing the corresponding MEM key to which it was saved. There is no confirmation message.
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The MFD ADV key will only work to change WPT views in the PLAN view.

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Reading the manual would really help you here. It has all the explanations of the various map modes

Are you talking about this manual Working Title CJ4 User Guide v0.12.5?

To put is simply: PLAN view will move with the aircraft centred, north up. But only if you do not use the MFD Advance functions to move through the waypoints. After you have done that it will stay centred on whatever waypoint you have selected. You then need to use PPOS if you want a moving map display.

This is real world behaviour in the Proline21. Typically you use PLAN to validate your routing preflight - very useful if you are using a world map created flight plan as sometime it will duplicate STAR waypoints. Use PPOS in flight.

Here is a video I made about the CJ4. All buttons and every menu option is covered. An actual CJ4 training manual was used to make the video along with real-world experience using a Pro Line 21 avionics in another type of Citation. Ever wonder why the max indicated airspeed changes at 8,000 feet? That is explained in the video. The end of the video has some operational tips such as climb schedules, airspeed trend indicator, RAT SAT characteristics, fuel flows to achieve given IAS, etc. There are quite a few videos on my channel covering the CJ4 from this systems video to VNAV, various approaches, and more.

Working Title CJ4 ALL AVIONICS and SYSTEMS Explained - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

Here is a link to a playlist with 12 videos that deal with the CJ4: CJ4 Working Title Mod - YouTube


Hi I don’t know if I’m on the right page here, so let me know if not.

I’ve downloaded the latest cj4 mod with the additional garmin. My first flight was great. Just a simple vfr to test it. But now I’ve tried installing a flight plan, however, it just keeps freezing on ‘Load FPLN…’.
I’ve tried deleting the content file and restarting the sim. I’ve tried updating the navigraph information to the latest cycle. I’ve made sure my pilot id for SimBrief is correct. I’ve tried using the in-game flight plan system. But nothing seems to be working for me. When I use the SimBrief version it gives me the airports and the flight number on the first page but nothing else, no legs.

Any ideas guys?

The CJ4 does not use Garmin avionics

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So that shouldn’t make a difference then?