Working Title CJ4 Discussion Thread

The fix for his issue was the next post in the thread. Conflict with an older avionics mod that needed to be updated. Have you tried that?

Thanks for getting back to me - I was not aware that I have the PMS 50 gtn installed. Can’t remember installing that. Anyhoo, I updated it and I’ve got the screens back - not really understanding what I’m doing.

I updated from 12.12. Big changes! Going to take me a while to get used to that! Thought I had the cj4 almost mastered.

Time to start again.


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Still having issues with the cj4 after the latest WT update. I only have the WT mod installed. No liveries etc.

  1. MFD appears not to function correctly. See pic below. The FMS text window looks like this and doesn’t update.

  2. The DIR function appears not to work

  3. Mem 1, 2 and 3 no longer seem to function

That’s what I’ve discovered so far.

Anyone got any ideas?


Looking the screenshot, that’s not the mod, that’s the stock avionics.

I have to fly this aircraft again… Always forget and miss thing’s such as the climb setting and climbing with the indicated airspeed and what not then fall in love with it when remembering those little things…

Like many Asobo aircraft… just missing and in much need of a makeover regarding doors, opening cockpit windows, cabins and the like to give it that live feeling…

Thanks Bishop but the mod is installed and the PMS 50 gtn has been updated.

I just can’t work out why stuff isn’t working. When I get time I’ll start again from the stock cj4 and reinstall the mod. This sim is such a time eater!