Working Title CJ4 Mod Version 0.3.0 Released

It would be great if Asobo gave you guys access to pre-release versions of updates. These community mods are becoming essential to the sims use.

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Perhaps we will hear more about this in the Dev Q&A tomorrow. That said, it hopefully won’t take more than a day to release the updates. After the last patch, we had updates out in about 6 hours, so wasn’t too bad. I think this one will be a bit tougher, but…still not too bad.


Thank you looking forward to the update. You guys rock!

I just found out about this mod 2 days ago and downloaded it, and watched the vids.


Really makes the CJ4 flyable. Thank you!! I’m anxiously awaiting your video with a full flight to show us how it’s done. :smiley: (You can break it down into startup/taxi/takeoff, cruise (ascent and decent), and approach/landing if you want…we’re flexible! :slight_smile:)

And now we see what happens when I archive it’s folder and update MSFS.

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There is a fix patch incoming…with a few more goodies as well.


Sorry to disappoint but while we have the aircraft working again as far as 1.9.3 issues, a few new bugs have popped up relating to the flight plan such as the FMS pages not updating. We will work on it tonight and hopefully have it released tomorrow.


you guys are the best… where can I donate some DONUT money to the team working on this.

Kindly donate it to your own wallet and send my regards.


thanks for the update looking forward to it

Take all the time you need love your updates and can’t wait for flight lessons !

Thanks for this great mod. I’m looking forward to the PFD and MFD readability improvements - the small character size forced me to zoom really close.

Update coming shortly.


Update is out: Working Title CJ4 Patch 0.3.1 Released (1.9.3 Fix)



Thank you so much for the work

App mode doesn’t capture approach.
Altitude mode doesnt capture alt.
ILS Approach not recognized. Aircraft doesnt capture LOC/GS.
Can not use ILS approach.
ILS dialed is not recognized.
IU was usinf ILS RW 25R EGCC.

That might be a database issue, I just flew an ILS just fine while on autopilot. For some reason, a lot of the issues with approaches and waypoints come from European airports.

I just found this mod and did a quick test flight from LOWI to LOWW. Really great work, thank you very much! I’m looking forward to the further progress!

Seem to be having some problems with the FMS, can’t update my position on Pos Init or add Departing/Arriving airports for the flight plan. Not sure if this is a problem with the mod or not? I deleted the updated mod and still had the same problem with the vanilla CJ4. Any idea what could be going on?

I Just started using this mod yesterday and I love it!

I’ve found however that when using an RNAV approach the glideslope indicator doesn’t appear BUT it autopilot does capture the glide slope.

So the question is should there be a Glide Slope indicator for RNAV approaches?
There is for the G3000 and G1000 units but I do think that I read somewhere that this isn’t realistic

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