Working Title CJ4 Mod Version 0.4.1 Released

Since I’m using this mod I’ll ask this question here

Overall I just want to verify if there is a game bug or the sequence of me doing things is incorrect. I’m not very experienced so please take it easy or direct me to a place that would present a complete order from in sim take of to landing

  1. In WORLD menu I pick IFR flight. DEP GATE -> ARR GATE
    I find picking a DEP/ARR RUNWAY before flight take place unrealistic. Isn’t that dictated by ATC and can be changed at any second ?

  2. Autopilot - Here is where I may made a mistake in the middle of the flight I went and pre selected ILS APPROACH in jet computer. Autopilot seam to work fine afterwards . When I got closer to the destination ATC requested me to change the ILS runway and the approach.
    I found the runway and the requested approach in the jet computer and executed the map updated but the autopilot would bank right I tried to reset NAV and AP but no matter what the jet keep banks right forcing me to land manually.

  3. I know you guys are planing to do tutorials on YouTube how to correctly do things in CJ4 but maybe a short order list would help me for now.

Unfortunately, none that we are aware of.

Generally, the airport will have one active departure runway and that will not change unless the weather dictates. Your departure will be based on the direction you’re heading on your flight plan, and once you receive taxi clearance on the ground it would be extremely unusual to get told to head to another runway after clearance is issued.

There are numerous bugs in the in-sim autopilot and flight plan routing, and this is one of them. This problem is outside of any aircraft code, and so we don’t really have control over the AP routing. I would recommend not changing approaches once on the arrival. If you need, just don’t set your approach until you know for sure what approach you will be cleared for nearer the destination.

I think there are some operations procedures posted on our Discord, and I know there was talk of doing a follow along video soon.


Totally understood as such. :slight_smile: We’re as frustrated about those issues as you are. The autopilot and routing code is outside the aircraft code, but we are working to completely replace the flight plan system and not use the sim flight plan system at all. So, hopefully in the future some things will improve there.

Our limitations there are the same as all the other planes. The flight plan and AP are not in aircraft code, they’re hardcoded in the simulator.

Nonetheless, as I mentioned above, we are working to build our own flight plan system that avoids the sim system entirely, but it’s not a short term item.


Is there a fix for the following issue:

Sometimes the aircraft skips waypoints and moves to the next if they are in close proximity. Not an issue when in cruise and they are kinda on a straight line. But makes a big difference when on approach and you got some tight turns for some approaches. For example I was on the DUTAN9A approach to RWY06 of MUHA. I am heading for DUTAN the airport is at my 3 o’clock. next waypoint should be HA411, but right after DUTAN the plane veers right towards the airport and skips all the waypoints in between. The FMS updates accordingly to show no more waypoints, even though they were showing up previously.

Anyway to avoid this?

Anyone not able to lock onto the GS when using approach mode? Not sure if this is related to everyone’s issues.

Hello everyone, i noticed that:

  1. bearing pointers (VOR1, VOR2 , ADF1 , ADF2) cannot be set on either PFD or MFD (CRS not functioning - CDI of VOR1 only shows up but cannot be moved with CRS knob).

  2. i tried to set up an FPL and noticed that when fixes are “angled” the track shows that the fix at the apex (for example) will not be overflown to allow for the turn. I think that all fixes in general shall be overflown and some FMC Aldo allow to chose if the turn can be initiated before the fix or After the fix.

I am wondering if 1) Is in the work and if 2) Is a normal behaviour . Other than that i really enjoy this machine, thanks to you guys.

Great work.

Are u planning to add the top of descend calc? Not sure it exists in real cj4 but also is there going to be thr “altitude prediction arc” in PFD, showing u whete u will reach the set alt?

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i have a problem with this aircraft, since i installed the mod, autopilot dont find the plan and begins turn around, always bank is over 45º, is this normal?? if i use HDG i have the same issue with bank . horrendus immersion experience. I dont have this problem with the base aircraft

Same here autopilot does not work at all and won’t follow flight plan . Great mod but unusable at the moment without the ap working properly.

This is currently an issue outside of our control. The AP “next waypoint” detection is very coarse and seems to move to the next waypoint as long as the current waypoint is within 1-3NM.

It might be something we can address if we get the flight plan system replacement working, but I’m not sure.

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Bearing pointers are something on the list but unfortunately are having to be built from the ground up.

In the real CJ4, all fixes are fly-by and not fly-over unless otherwise set. This applies to almost all FMCs and GPSs. Generally, whether or not a fix is fly-by or fly-over is part of the navdata itself, and is pretty rare to see except in specific terrain corridors.

We haven’t changed any autopilot code, nor can we, unfortunately, without writing an entire autopilot system from scratch. All of the autopilot code is hardcoded into the sim and is not part of the aircraft code.

The only thing that we do affect is the flight plan, which could cause the plane to follow the wrong fix, but any suicidal AP tendencies like banking beyond 15 or 30 degrees will be a sim bug.

Even in the case of the flight plan issues, we are providing the sim with the correct waypoints and then it does something insane with them. The sim AP routing code seems extremely, extremely buggy.

if we try previous version would be better?

Since the AP code has not and can not be changed, I would assume it would act identically no matter the mod version.

ok, thanks

Thanks guys yep I know the ap on the aircraft is a big giant mess on asobos end not yours

I did a little video showing off the checklist functions with a voice controlled first officer package called Multi Crew Experience.

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