Working Title CJ4 Problem - Push to Select Doesn't Work

Just downloaded the latest version of the CJ-4. It’s a wonderful mod, my only issue is that the “push to select” button on the DCP and CCP doesn’t work when I click on it. I can rotate the inner and outer knobs but clicking on the push to select button does nothing. Any help is much appreciated.

I’m not at my PC right now, but try this:

Press the button with the left mouse button and then the right mouse button at the same time.

For clarification: Keep the left mouse button pressed when you press the right one.

Unfortunately, the operation of the new version requires some familiarization.


You need to choose locked and not legacy to enable the xbox style mouse interaction. I already asked this on their discord and it’s the only way to use the CCP for charts and knobs until Asobo make other methods work.


That’s right. My tip applies to the locked mode.

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Thank you for the heads-up on that! Great info.


I am having a very similar issue, however alot of my buttons on the CCP arent working. I have tried using the Locked left and right click method however it still doesnt work. Buttons such as Lower menu arent working either when I click them. I am running version 12.7. Any tips on how I can get this to work? I am losing alot of functionality

I wish I could help, that left/right method did the trick for me. I’m guessing it’s something in your control settings but unfortunately, I’m a noob when it comes to this stuff. I hope you’ll get it sorted out, the WT Citation is an awesome jet.

I’ve had this same problem with multiple aircraft including the CJ4. Apparently for each knob, switch, inner/outer dials there is an area when they become active and the mouse cursor triggers the half-circle arrow, or a hand to move a switch or push a button. I don’t know if it’s the way I use my mouse because unless the knob or switch is right in front of me, nothing is triggered. Often I have to zoom in close for the mouse to trigger the action.

Using the mouse like this has been cumbersome for me not only with MSFS but previous flight sims. I would spend a lot of time customizing my keyboard keybindings to minimize mouse activity. This worked fine until MSFS. As soon as I started flying MSFS, I realized I had to use the mouse for most cockpit interactions.

I have managed to fix the issue, for those wondering in future I had to remove the G3000 mod from my community folder. That seemed to do the trick. And time to enjoy the wondeful mod in its fullest

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In frustration of losing most control functionality after SU5, I took a break from the CJ4 for awhile. Now determined to overcome the obstacles remaining, I am stumped on one… I cannot open the Engine Run/Stop cover to start the engines. WT 12.7, Legacy controls, nothing in Community Folder except Aerosoft CRJ, but this issue existed prior to that being installed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I spent almost 2hs tring to understand why Push to select didn’t work… You were the only one who gave the richt and clear answer! Tks!!