Working Title G3000 frozen moving map

I’m experiencing something that I don’t know if it’s because of the Longitude Flight Dynamics Mod, the GT3000 package or they both together in MSFS. So, in the center panel, everything works but the map. Sometimes the map is completely frozen during the whole flight, sometimes it freezes out of nowhere, in this case, to “defreeze” the map I must zoom in and out really quickly or alternate between map and weather map, still then the map ends up freezing. Obviously, this behaviour started with the latest MSFS updates. Has anyone experienced it? It doesn’t affect navigation or anything else in the aircraft, but it’s annoying to have a frozen moving map

I’ve experienced this. I just push the main zoom knob on the GTC which switches you to north view, then push again to return to track up view and the map is now normal.

Edit: This is with WT G3000

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Same for me, I removed the G3000 for the time being, and with the standard version, it works so far.

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Same happened to me yesterday in the TBM (with doors mod) and the WT G3000 mod.
In my case, the whole G3000 was frozen, both PFD and NAV display. No speed, altitude or any other data was displayed on the PFD. The NAV display was black. The buttons on the touch screens did not work.

I was in VR (did not try if things worked in 2D).
I used the latest G3000 version.

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Gosh I never even considered this was a push button :man_facepalming:, and aparently your solution works, I’m midway through a 3 hours flight and so far the map is doing just fine. Thanks a lot!

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Hey, Glad it worked out for you.
The first thing I do when I get a new toy is to push all the buttons - that’s how I discovered it.
Blue skies…

Besides the map freeze I also find the flight planning is a bit glitched. When I select approach, the magenta course line I’m flying to the approach disappears unless I have an ‘origin’ selected in the flight plan.

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I always have the heading bug centered and ready to activate before entering anything in flight. When I lose the magenta course indicator, I just enter heading mode and reactivate the current leg or do a DirTo. to correct it and revert to Lnav.

Along with what you mentioned, lately I’m finding the approach being inserted AFTER the destination airport, so the legs can never be activated.

I’m hoping the wonderfully talented WT group will revisit the G3000 soon after the NXi rounds into form - can’t wait!

That too is something I think I experienced, all in all I’m back to using the vanilla version…which by the way works pretty well and without glitches.

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I just had my first issue free flight with both the newest g3000 [v7.4] and the updated TBM930…I removed a mod I had in the community folder named christian1984-ingamepanel-vfrmapforvr. I will do more test flights to make certain but if it is the cause I will be looking for a replacement as it’s a great map mod!

I fly the TBM and was able to prevent the map from freezing by removing the 3 TBM liveries. Now I get no more freezes. Delete the following liveries:

As per my previous post…all is still good. So for me it was having unbeknownst to me an out of date mod christian1984-ingamepanel-vfrmapforvr.
Anyone have a good free replacement for this mod?

Did you delete the 3 using the in-game content manager or from actually going into the community folder and deleting them there?

I deleted them through the content manager. If you do it, let me know how it goes.
You can always re-install if it doesn’t work for you

Thanks…yes I deleted it through the content manager as well…I’ll let you know how it goes.
I’ve had several hours of issue free flying so far with only a minute of mouse stutter which was immediately corrected by closing and reopening the tool bar.
Unfortunately the vfr map mod is outdated and I’m still looking for its replacement.

Good to hear. If it works, I hope the developers are reading this so it can be looked into further.

Now I’m reading about rolling and manual cache…some very interesting opinions.

Gonna try this solution right now, I noticed the the moving map works perfectly only when I set a zoom of less than 15nm, anything over that is completely dependant on chance, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, but if you set the map zoom to a low value, it works very well.

One of the reasons I like the WT g3000 v7.4 is because of the ability to zoom out great distances and see my entire flight plan. The msfs vanilla g3000 doesn’t allow you to do that…it is limited in range.
So I’ve done lots of flying the last couple of days and removing the old out of date map mod cured the issue of freeze ups.

You can try:

“I fly the TBM and was able to prevent the map from freezing by removing the 3 TBM liveries. Now I get no more freezes. Delete the following liveries: see above post.”

Regarding G3000 autopilot, under what conditions will the AP when engaged default to ROL/PIT?
When I first use the AP at the beginning of a flight, it will default to ROL/PIT, but after flying a bit it stays default to ROL/ALT and I can’t get it back to defaulting to ROL/PIT when I engage AP.
Anyone know what I’m missing?