(working-title) G3000 no transition in depature or arrival

Excuse me if this is kind of a dumb question but, is it possible to enter explicitly no transtition for the depature, arrival or approach in the g3000? (:

Did you try with setting up an VFR flight plan in the Flightplanner?

(The flight planner has its quirks to say the least. The G3000 and all other GPS are built upon the underlying limited Flightplanner. Few exceptions eg the new G1000NXi where WT programmed a new flight planner to hopefully replace the MSFS in the future).

I know what you mean. I have tried but no luck. Restriction of MSFS fp is my guess.

Nope. I did all the flightplanning with simbrief and transfered the waypoints and procedures into the g3000 manually.

i hope it gets fixed in the future! :slight_smile:

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Simbrief does IFR routing and therefore plans STARS (not transitions). In Europe you generally file the STARS, but I believe in the US you don’t.

Little Nav Map is great for VFR planning and transferring that into MSFS definitely works and does not include STARS, Transitions etc.

That’s what I said. What about an VFR plan. Doesn’t that let you choose whatever routing you want?

This bothers me only if I plan an IFR flight.

If you fly IFR, ATC is responsible for separation and therefore would want you to follow the published procedures or at least file them. They might still give you shortcuts once airborne and allow you to deviate depending on the situation. No?

If flying with “real” atc like vatsim(…) you’re right but i just fly with the integrated atc or even without any.
And on shorter trips even simbrief gives sometimes procedures without transition.

But thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna mark @N6112FJ 's comment as the solution.