Working Title G3000 TBM middle screen freezes


I have a strange Problem with the Working Title Mod for the G3000. The middle screen freezes if I zoom Out the map. It’s completely frozen, the engine infos, everything. It’s starts to work again if I zoom in, but I have to zoom in very much, like 500ft Range. Even the zoom factor I have to choose to get it working again changes during flight. If I activate the weather radar, also everything comes live again.

Sorry, no native speaker, hope you understand what happens. Does anyone experience something familiar and has a fix for me?

I already tried reinstalling the mod, used navigraph and disconnected navigraph etc.


Make sure to update both before you choose to fly the TBM 930 as every update from MS / Asobo could create an update of both for the TBM 930 and the Working Title G3000.

Awesome Plane but needs to be updated with both TBM 930 Improvement and working title regularly!

Thanks. But both, the sim and the mod are up to date.

I have a rather embarrassing, self inflicted “wound” that I cannot solve. My TBM 930, just recently, has completely blank screens - all of them!!! I feel that I must have done something to the main files (I have a tendency to play around a bit) for the TBM, which has disabled the display of all of the screens in the cockpit. Nothing I do seems to fix it, and I cannot remember what I might have recently changed, to cause this problem. I have tried the most recent G3000 mod, and even a few older mods, but it makes absolutely no difference.

My “big” question is, does anyone know which setting in the main files for the TBM controls the display of the cockpit screens. I am a veteran simmer, but not ashamed to admit that I have made a foolish mistake. I would REALLY appreciate any help in solving my problem. Thanks

Unless you have been messing with core code which is in the “Official” folder it shouldn’t affect your screens.

Do you have a habit of “Overwriting” files in your Community folder?

This is bad practice… Delete everything and download a fresh copy of both!

I am getting the middle screen freezing - seems to happen after I view a navigraph chart, particularly when on the ground- it seems the title of the middle screen always relates to the last screen viewed when moving to map view e.g. “traffic map” or some approach plate. Anyone managed to find a way to unfreeze it in game? Its pretty annoying whe you have been in a flight for 45 min