Working Title Garmin G3000 Discussion Thread

You’re not supposed to install it. Just drop it in the Community folder and your all set

I did that, but it still shows up in content manager.
Skjermbilde 2021-08-03 152021

Don’t worry about. It’s a glitch. Anything in Community folder shows up as Not Installed.

I don’t know what you mean manual lever override. Could you please specify it more precisely?
Some picture if possible.
Thank you in advance.

A link to youtube would be welcome.

Hi @PARAGAN666 - I found that if you moved the red lever labelled MAN OVRD/manual override (to the left of the throttle control) to full, then press Ctrl+E, the aircraft performs the engine start process correctly. If you try to use Ctrl+E without completing that step, other than moving the throttle lever in slightly nothing happens.

Hope that helps!

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It has not done that before, and it is clearly not functioning on the TBM 930.

Thank you!

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Thank you, it’s working.
Strange is, that we didnt need to use it in the past.
I would like to know what’s the purpose of that MAN-OVRD lever in real life.

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uffi98 —According to your picture that is a copy of the original file noted by the (1) at the end of the file name. If you download a file from some where that is in the form of a zip you should always extract it first then copy the folder that was extracted and place that inside the community folder, Also make sure that it is not a double folder as in or for example: Community/ WT3000Folder/WT3000Folder/ then the individual files.

Would anyone be able to tell me what Garmin and version are currently working on the Kingair 350i. Is it the Garmin NXI?



MSFS2020 with SUP5 working fine on a high end machine here. Having moved the workingtitle-G3000 folder out of the file into the community folder. All screens stay black in the TBM with engine running and all on - just as if nothing was installed/recognized. Have no idea why the g3000 does not work. Any hint? Do I miss flipping a switch?

Sorry to hear. G3000 v.0.7.4a is working just great.

The usual advice is to clean your community folder of everything but the G3000 mod including all airport, liveries etc. which you might have.

Maybe post screenshots in order to better help you what might be wrong. Also Working Title has their own Discord server, where you can get help much quicker and very competently than here, where they check only infrequently.

Did all that with no help. The wt mod was working well before the 5 update. I guess something got messed up.

Cannot remember if the community folder was empty by the time the update went through. I guess it was not. But I cannot thing of this being the cause.

Might have to do a complete new installation of msfs. Unfortunatly I have bought the cd version - so just inserting all cds will take a complete day…

Sorry to hear. Before doing the reinstall try their Discord channel - they might be able to tell you what to do.

Happens to me too. Just like that. Always when I restart a second flight or exit the simulator and come back later. What do I do and what solves here? I remove the mod, reinstall it and clear the cache of all scenarios. It’s been working, but I think there must be some problem behind it.

I also had instant crash when powering battery on. I removed the opening door livery and now it works.

I feel like an idiot here but I can’t figure out how to pan the Navigraph charts. Zooming works fine but when I push to enable panning the end result is zoom only. Is panning not implemented or am doing it wrong?

As far as I remember the little screen underneath the MFD turns into a touchscreen which then serves to pan the chart. Try it out as they might have changed it.