Working Title lowers fps?

I have recently installed the latest version of working title G3000 for TBM but i observed a serious fps hit. Anyone else having this issue?

Open DevMode and display the FPS, what does the note say? is it limited by MainThread or Limited by GPU?

Same for me with my modded TBM930
If your GPU is Nvidia , update NVidia driver to the last 466.55 driver.
With previous 466.47 => low FPS, lags and stutters

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Where did you find 466.55 driver ? nvidia site give me only 466.47

(edit) find them at :

Oh yes you get it !

Thanks for your reply guys, i will try the hotfix driver. Even though at their official page for the working title they aknowledge that the new navigation map when displayed in the PFD causes frame issues. Apart from this i was impressed by the work they put in G3000.

Internal Gauge system, particulary gauges with a map has always been on of the Achilles’ heel of FS in term of performance.