Working VR map after UK update

Hallo Pilots,

I was using FSPM map in VR untill UK update. From that moment I see the map only on monitor view and not in VR anymore. I can still open it from top menu but it is not ther. It is invisible. Do you have any idea how to fix it? Or recomentdation for another map which works in VR?

Thank you

Not used that one, but you can try this one, it looks similar as is also VFR for VR:

Thank you, tried that but not working. I have few more tips from friend, I will let you know

Did you remember to run the server (vfrmap.exe) after starting FS2020?


this: Toolbar Widget for VFRMap • Microsoft Flight Simulator

works, only annoying it that I need to start server. With thos it was not necessary. It is strange I can open it in VR and I see it opens but window is invisible. Maybe sole layer setup inside map files, but I cant find it. Will be glad for any idea.

Thank you