Workingtitle G3000 TBM

I have the latest Workingtitle installed and it is ironically not working…!
The touch screen in the MDF (TBM 930) is not responding.

What to do?

  1. Are you using the latest update?

  2. Are you using the default livery?


you used the wrong category. WT joined Asobo, which is great, but the WT projects are still 3rd party. So, this category is your way to go:

Also, there are already topics existing about this issue.
Feel free to use the Search Function.

Maybe you will find a solution in these topics.

Stay healthy!

Yes I´m using the latest update. I´m not using default livery.
I have also installed the TBM 930 mod (don´t know what it is called).

Try the default livery

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Just as a heads up, the Working Title team thinks they found a slight conflict between G1000 and G3000, Rob/WT has it on his agenda to push the update out to fix it this week. (Per Discord chat)

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If you also have the WT G1000 mod, I fixed the issue by naming the WT G1000 folder before the WT G3000. Either don’t rename their folder or name them to “01 - G1000” “02 - G3000” etc.