Works fine with my old Radeon R9 280 3 GB Crashes at "Fly" with my brand new RADEON RX 590 8GB

I get consistent crashes after I click FLy and the blue progrees bar loads with my brand new.FX RADEON RX 590 FATBOY Core Edition 8GB . I swapped it with my old card PowerColor TurboDuo Radeon R9 280 3 GB and no issues. Tried a variety of Radeon drivers back to last year. Any ideas?

Can you completely remove the drivers and all radeon software then try again.

Mine is working pretty well with the RX480 8g but I intend trying to upgrade later,

Yes I use the AMD removal utility and then install each time. Have all the Radeon settings at default. Strange part is it worked with this card for like 5 days and then started crashing.

There was an amd driver released a couple of days ago to fix 2020 problems

Really? I’ll give it a try thanks.

DDU (Driver Display Uninstaller) is a great tool to completely remove old drivers along with cached data! And like @DeftestSundew71said, grab the latest driver for your new GPU.

Thanks, I’ll try it.

Have you tried underclocking your GPU?

No I’ll give it a try thanks. It does seem like it’s hitting some limit but it’s right when it loads not after it’s flying a while.

Hey have you got a solution for that?

Yeah my solution was returning he card and buying a Nvidia GTX 2070 Super. Hasn’t crashed once since I got it.


The same for me. Bought a new pc with a new and much better gpu and works very well.