World - Man-made Landmarks have embedded trees

Example1: Locate the Air Force Academy, CO in Bing or Google Maps and view the satellite image. Near North Gate and Stadium Blvd there is a B-52D displayed since 1983. In Flight Simulator, this historical aircraft is inundated with Trees.

I think your code translated the greenery, and the stilts the aircraft stands on, to be trees and buried the monument with them. There are other man made and natural wonderful landmark objects throughout the world that seem to be tame, buried in flora, or failed to be reproduced adequately.

I know this is a game/simulator,and I am enormously happy with everything I am experiencing and exploring. I’ve been flying Microsoft Flight Sims since 1984 on a Commodore64 out of Meigs Field in Chicago, which doesnt exist anymore. This 2020 version is a significant and remarkable tribute to Aviation. However, so much went into being able to see the world better, why not enhance everything in relation to Aviation, and not just effort with the cool animation addition of the aircraft marshall with the flashlights at the gates or parking. (it would be nice that if I am assigned a gate that there would be a marshall waiting for me, the extra marshalls out there are really useless)
I am not trying to find anyone naked waving with a mai tai in their backyard, although that would be hilarious, but I would like to see more landmarks and historic aircraft with a cleaner representation. !!! Especially in the Aviation industry. Historically speaking. :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I moved this to Bugs & Issues, since this seems more like a bug than a Wishlist request. Good luck!!

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