World Map Bugs with WU-7

With WU7 i noticed a couple of Bugs in the World Map

  • The Flight-Time is also not visible
  • After setting a Route, Target-Destination and Waypoint can not be deleted
  • View of to another Part of the Worldmap with Mouse isn’t possible anymore, can’t move around World Map with the Mouse

I deleted my Mouse Profile in the Simulator and made a new one, but it didn’t solved the Problem

This was a bug introduced in SU7 and fixed in the hotfix released a few weeks ago, but you need to either reset your mouse profile to default or find the new bindings (sorry I don’t know off the top of my head what they are called) to add to your current profile.

Since the world update didn’t make any code changes those other bugs were likely introduced in previous patches as well. Although I don’t recall seeing others mention those bugs and I don’t use the world map to do flight planning so maybe they are new bugs I don’t know.

I did the Steps you listed, but after a restart of the Sim i have the same Problem again, even if i saved the Settings after changing them.
Anyone else having the same Issue?