World Map filters not saving, so airports not showing on startup

I have the same issue and I’ve just submitted a bug report


I have the same issue. I have been unable to find any work around even reinstalling Flight Simulator does not resolve this.

Same here.

Just a thought… does this still occur if you start MSFS using “Run as administrator”?

Just tried “Run as administrator” I still have to reset to defaults on the World Map Filters every time I open MSFS

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I have the same issue. On day one I changed the filter settings and from that on I have to click “open filter” and press “reset”. After EVERY load up of the sim AND after every flight in-game.

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i dont know if its by fluke, i was having the same issue all of a sudden. but once i manually changed the sliders back it seems to have saved the default settings. like PS244 id hit reset default and it would not stick.

Same here.
You change the sliders manually and they get saved, but if you hit the ‘reset default’ button they won’t appear next time you run the game.


I am also encountering this issue
My peers are suffering from the same problem but they haven’t solved it

Oh my god…Thank you so much! This has been driving me mad for 2 weeks!

I’ve just been hitting default every time and going slightly insane… but changing the parameters before quitting instead of just hitting default has fixed it!

Thanks <3

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I am having the exact same issue and was about to create a thread about it. I will try CypherJones workaround and update this post in case it works for me. Cheers

edit. worked like a charm, thank you. Still dunno why clicking on default isn’t working.

All of a sudden I am experiencing the same issue. I even reinstalled the whole sim before checking this topic. Can someone explain what the workaround exactly is?

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same here having map not saving

I noticed this issue after installing the new free airport from the marketplace. Previously I had downloaded it separately. Haven’t had a chance to remove it yet to see if that is the issue or not.

That was the only thing I changed prior.

that could be but the guy before me says he even installed the sim again and still the same.All i did was installed sdk and sim connect for the little map i will uninstalled that and check

Yes but on a reinstall it automatically installs all your marketplace stuff so a reinstall would not matter unless you remove it via the content manager after

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Try doing what’s said above…
Go to the filters and manually change them to what you want before quitting.

The default button I’d bugged I think, do don’t bother ever pressing it…

I will try removing market place add ons ill be back

Is not uninstalling the free airport from aerosoft when i click delete restart the sim it says its installed and doesnt give me the delete option again

its a bug should be fixed sooner!