World Map Flight Plan and GNS bugs

Hey team,

I have searched the forums for a fix but cannot find any,

My issues is that when I create a flight plan in World Map whether it be Low-altitude IFR or VFR (added custom waypoints included) - when I eventually get into the cockpit to begin my flight, my GNS shows the completely wrong departures and arrivals that I have personally selected that differ from the original flight plan,

Second issue is, with the new Working Title GNS1000 system, with it installed I get a MUCH nicer GNS but with the CDI set to GPS, the needle doesn’t move between waypoints and neither does the main ?MFD? but the secondary ?MFD? does track each waypoint I need to hit,

I generally fly a lot of GA in IFR so having a working GNS would be mighty handy!

Cheers team,


P.S. System performance is amazing now with the new update! No more CTD during approach!

Found the issue and a fix over the normal GNS systems,

I downloaded and installed the marketplace Garmin System when update 5 rolled out,
Uninstalled that,
Installed the Working Title Garmin systems through MSFS Community Downloader and all is back as it was before the update!

Thanks Asobo :smile:

Closed as the solution was found.