World Map issues since wu6

Hi All,

Has anyone else having problems with the world map -planning screen.
The world icon with all the poi’s, just rotates around the centre and I cannot drag to any position to select an airport.

Also when I click on any that are in view, it doesn’t give me the options to select as departure etc.

Any ideas anyone?
I have a high end spec pc with no mods in the community folder pure vanilla msfs2020.
I’ve tried the repair option in apps but nothing
Can’t plan any flights since last update All was working perfectly before
Any help or advice would be appreciated

Can’t confirm… PC ? and do you use a mouse for this ? Sounds like your left mouse button has an issue… check the Windows mouse settings…

Does the combobox on top bring your view to the selected airport… and if you Search for an airport ICAO code does that work ?

There exists a workaround for (any) globe issues… For creating flight plans the globe is not handy anyway. I use LittleNavMap, which gives a far better map… you can make a flight plan, export it to MSFS format and Load it in MSFS,

Intel i9 with rtx3080 , 32gb ram and msfs2020 on its own dedicated NVME drive
The “combo box” as you put it, does allow me to enter icao codes but the map zooms in to nothing, if I then scroll out I can see the airport I entered but when I click to select it, nothing happens
It’s not my left mouse button
Thanks anyhow for your reply

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