World map no longer saves ANYTHING

It was always a bit flaky but since SU5 world map no longer saves…

Tail number / call sign etc

Weights / Fuel load

Weather (was always flaky, remains flaky)

Recent airports history.

So, it must have written that data to file somewhere because it used to save a list of recent airports but now it’s only showing 3 airports…and in fact these are the first 3 airports I ever visited ever. (So it’s referring to an old file stored somewhere locally or in the cloud?)

Is anybody else seeing this with any of the above? Does anybody know of a way to shake some life back into it so that it starts storing this data again?


Same here.

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I guess we need to open zendesk tickets for this then.

The more tickets get opened the larger the chance they will escalate.

Yes, same first 3 airports I visited when I first used the sim and never updates. Also, the airport search now requires you to click in the search box. With SU4 and earlier versions, one could search by typing while airport dropdown list was active.

I don’t see the point of listing recent airports if they are not updated.

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Every update takes away a quality of life feature. It’s almost as if they despise their player base, especially us PC users, after turning the game into a console port that they promised wouldn’t happen.


I was wondering about that. It felt different. Like an extra step had been added but I just wasn’t sure if I was remembering wrong.

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Yes, I’ve run into the exact same issues since SU5 - hopefully the upcoming patch will fix some of these.

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It does actually save the tail number - but the box appears empty… so you can’t tell if it’s clear or not…

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Yes, I just realized

Same here. Hope they fix it soon!

Same here. Does not remember any filters and its totally unreadable for me. Like a bleached out white with white lettering for all the airport names.

oh is there an autosave? I’m always saving my flight every few minutes …Autosave every minute ,or every 5 would be really cool.Or allowing the player the option for how often it gets saved in the menu

Same here.

Plus, something weird is going on with planning GPS flights. It doesnt work the way it used to.

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It never saved any filters settings, at least the POIs and Airspace… POIs always turn back on :confused:

Same, lets hope it gets fixed soon. Right now it feels like a downgrade not an update.

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to be clear - I absolutely think it should save your settings :wink: I get tired of turning POIs off and airspace on …

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For me the callsign seem to save on a plane per plane basis

It’s for all planes for me, including overriding tail numbers in the aircraft.cfg.

I wish we could save tail numbers, fuel & pax loads per plane or even per variant/livery - I wouldn’t need 30 custom aircraft.cfgs to give a more realistic tail number than ASGSXGAXXOGASAX :wink:

Right. So it seems that it does get written someplace but it’s just not being read back into memory and displayed in those fields when you view that page?

Same; when I first flew after SU5, I was very confused that my recent history was replaced by KSEZ and two local airports I haven’t visited in several months.

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