World map no longer saves ANYTHING

Same here. Does not remember any filters and its totally unreadable for me. Like a bleached out white with white lettering for all the airport names.

oh is there an autosave? I’m always saving my flight every few minutes …Autosave every minute ,or every 5 would be really cool.Or allowing the player the option for how often it gets saved in the menu

Same here.

Plus, something weird is going on with planning GPS flights. It doesnt work the way it used to.

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It never saved any filters settings, at least the POIs and Airspace… POIs always turn back on :confused:

Same, lets hope it gets fixed soon. Right now it feels like a downgrade not an update.

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to be clear - I absolutely think it should save your settings :wink: I get tired of turning POIs off and airspace on …

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For me the callsign seem to save on a plane per plane basis

It’s for all planes for me, including overriding tail numbers in the aircraft.cfg.

I wish we could save tail numbers, fuel & pax loads per plane or even per variant/livery - I wouldn’t need 30 custom aircraft.cfgs to give a more realistic tail number than ASGSXGAXXOGASAX :wink:

Right. So it seems that it does get written someplace but it’s just not being read back into memory and displayed in those fields when you view that page?

Same; when I first flew after SU5, I was very confused that my recent history was replaced by KSEZ and two local airports I haven’t visited in several months.

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Same here - so I assume it still applies after the hotfix. I wonder why it’s not a general issue for everyone.

Oh the topic name changed from autosave ,to “not saving aynthing”?
Especially for longer trips saves that are not reliable are no fun. I’ve had issues with it too before & have reported on it Sim Update V ( Bug Megathread - #563 by TripsyTipsy
The bug is not update specific though,before update V ,saves were still somewhat reliable.At least they saved progress ,not the state of flight,but progress at least.In update V unfortunately it no longer seems to save anything indeed

As I’ve understood it’s not about “session saves” during flights but when you plan a flight on the World Map it should show you the last used airports in the airport list, the IDs of the aircraft entered last time, etc. Now the last airports is a no-changing fixed list and no IDs are visible at all. No map settings (filters, etc) are saved either.

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Good point ,I remember it showing me the last used airports in previous version of the game.It no longer shows that now you mention it…
& that also might explain why after loading my “frequent flyer miles” save due to plane crash,it instructs me to fly back & forth as if the progress is gone & only saved my position near the arrival.
(Allowed the AI pilot to do the landing…with the boeing not doing flaps & wheels,it just crashed into runway… so had to reload)
Position sometimes save,other times you spawn a second before crash impact after loading a save,also shown in the bug megathread of update 5
Saves seem to fail to contain all the data & hold it together.Or maybe its due to missing IDs etc
Saves/loads are very unreliable & erratic

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@somethingbrite Make this a votable topic please!

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When I open up Simbrief at the beginning of a planned flight, it asks me if I want to load the flightplan that has been detected into Simbrief, but it only lists the last flight I had before update 5 regardless of what the current flightplan actually is.

I suppose it depends on how you fly.
If you are just jumping into a plane and flying around there are a lot of these details that you won’t notice.

Once you start setting specific fuel and pax/cargo weight loads etc you start to notice it.

Recent airports not saved. (Did save this info before SU5)

Tail number, callsign, flight number. Apparently saved. But info not displayed. (It saved and displayed this info before SU5)

Fuel load, cargo weight values change to default each time you open that field.

Centre of Gravity doesn’t seem to get saved when loading into the actual flight!

Weather setting does seem to save. Time has always been a bit flaky. - unchanged. Still flaky.

I had that since I started the game, the last airports saved in my case was both Changi WSSS and Sultan Mahmud WMKN and I flew that flight in 04/10/2021.

Fuel load and cargo value is so for me since my first flight, same with center of gravity.

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