World Map should display currently runway in use from real life

i think it would for many of us very helpful when the world map can display the currently runway in use from the real airports.



or the runway in use, based on the currently loaded weather in the Sim.


yes that would be also greate

Once you set the airsport as departure or arrival it assigns you the best runway according to the currently selected weather. Doesn’t it do that for you?

yes its does but what i mean is more when a big airport have more runways in use. I would like to see which runway in use is for landing and which runway is in use for depatures. And at bigger Airport it could be that more the one runway is in use for landing and departing traffic in realife. MSFS displays only one runway with a green dot. But how i wrote above it could be that more the one runway is in use for landing and departing in realife. It would be so much clearaer and helpful when you have to choose the right runway because of your ifr planding or simbrief planing.

You can check this in FlightAware of course, but if you could see it in MSFS directly, this would certainly be more convenient.

Normally ATC tells you the runway you should land…
There can even be two landing runways in use, like af EDDF, and you may get a late landing runway change.

Yes - the “SIM” is able to get the ATIS, which often reads, “Runway # in use”.

But we can’t easily listen to ATIS until after clicking FLY and loading in to the plane. So the ability to listen to ATIS for any selected airport (that has ATIS) on the World Map would be amazing!

For larger US airports you can check out Current ATIS

This is a good ideal. Add-ons like Sky4Sim show highlighted in green the active runway number. It would be good to have. Even though you get wind direction when you click a runway, you can do the math to figure out what’s into the wind. This is for the quick start flyers. If you cold Start, you should run ATIS… to figure out where to go.