World Map should show airports that I frequent

I would like to see MY frequented airports in the world map, not the ones that FS2020 thinks are important. If it is in my history, show it. This could be a new filter.
And allow me to edit my history. BTW, the history does not show all airports I frequent, which seems like a bug.

Yes. Great idea. If we can select some fields as base or home airport and they show up a bit different on the map like tags or simlar it would be nice.

Kşnd regards.

Just mark them as a “Favourite”. Star is taken so perhaps display a favourite airport in a different colour? Have that option appear on the short menu that appears when you click on one. Present that list either as a separate list on the map screen and/or as a separate collection when clicking on the Arrival or Destination drop down lists at the top of the screen.

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