World Map/UI lag issue (10/15 FPS)


I don’t know why, in the in-game main menu / world map, the game is extremely slow (around 15 fps) for me. But, on the game, I have a solid 50/60 fps all settings set to max. (RTX2080ti / i9-9900k etc).

It has only just started happening today and was fine yesterday.

Any idea ?

Same. Gut normal after sind secs or after loading in flight

Same here.

I can confirm, but it is not allways and in my case also not at eg. World-Map ( I can reset to normal fps with open World-Map ).

It happens sometime if you come from Options, sometime simple from Profil or Marketplace… but it is not allways.
I still have a guess about these MarketPlace “images/ads/…” which are show… but not sure.

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