World Map wind effect heights Ground, Low High. What are the alts?

In the world map you can display wind effects. They are listed as Ground, low, and High. What are the altitude ranges of of those settings?

In addition, what do the colors represent when you have winds or anything else. There is no legend for that. This addendum to my first question.

I was about to ask the same. “Ground” is obvious but “Low” and "High are hard to get.

I think the redder the color, the faster the wind speed. You can also check the arrow and the number on the airports, which will tell you the wind speed

I’d also like to know where does the sim get the info for these winds vs the wind displayed if you select an airport. Quite often it will display completely different wind directions and speeds at the same location, very annoying.

I’ve noticed something similar. If I’m planning, and have ground winds up, the airport I select sometimes has 2 knot winds when everything around it 20 knots. But at some point it, after selecting it, changes to fit in with the surrounding listings. Can’t say for sure when.

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