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Hello Everyone,

I’ve been flying in Flight Simulator forever, but I never know where to fly. I see people sharing screenshots online of all these cool places but don’t really know where to actually fly to find some of those cool sights.

To help, I’ve made a new website for sharing flight plans. This site is very scenery-focused to help you search by the kind of scenery you’d like to see in a flight. The searching is primarily by flight duration, scenery, and region, though you can also search by airport ID and keywords in descriptions.

The site also allows you to make a list of flight plans you’d like to try. Create an account to be able to bookmark interesting flight plans you come across and add them to a “to-do” list. Once bookmarked, you can check them off on your dashboard and it’ll keep a log of the dates you’ve completed those flights in case you want to go back to them. If you’re logged in, the flight plan will automatically be added to your list if you download the file so that you can check it off when you’re flown it!

I’ve uploaded a few flight plans and a few have been uploaded by others who have found the site, but we need the community to help out with populating this to make it useful! If you’ve got some cool flight plans or know of some cool areas to fly it would be great if you could submit some flight plans to the site. You can upload PLN or FLT files and add links to any recommended scenery or add-ons you think people might want for the flight.

Please let me know of any feedback you have for this, if you run into any problems, and how it could be made more useful for everyone.

Check it out at



This is a fantastic idea, I’ll be uploading my community fly-in plans very soon.

Only one thought/suggestion, have you thought about implementing a ranking system?
For example, being able to vote on how enjoyable the plan was out of 5 stars.


I would definitely like to do this. I wanted to put something up to see if there was community interest before spending a ton of time implementing everything. Hopefully people will post things and then I’ll probably implement both ratings and comments.

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Is it possible to edit an already uploaded flight plan description? I’ve just realised I’ve got the wrong departure airport on my Peru trip.

Yep. Go to your profile menu in the top right and you’ll see a list of your starred/completed and uploaded flight plans. You can click the edit icon to edit an uploaded flight plan.

Also, I see you put some up already. Thanks! You don’t need to put up a map, however. The site will read you flight plan and make a map automatically for you.

Thanks for the tip, I don’t know how I missed the edit button lol.

OK, I’ll fire up the sim and get some nice screenshots of the trips to replace the maps. :+1:t2:

These flight plans look great and I’m definitely going to fly them soon.

How did you make such a detailed flight plan? There are tons of waypoints with a very specific path, which is really nice. I’ve been using the in-game editor and Bing maps for coordinates, which is very slow to do and prone to error.

Thanks! I use a free program called LittleNavMap, it’s very popular with flight simmers, it makes it very easy to create detailed flight plans and it can even be used to replace the in-game VFR map.
Highly recommended.

User manual.


I started the Himalayas flight today with a friend, swooping through the mountains along the rivers and MAN is that a fun flight. Thank you very much for sharing that. We’re going to try to finish it in another session since we weren’t able to this afternoon.

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Glad you’re enjoying it! I create one every few weeks and post them in the community fly-in section (about 20 of us flew it together earlier today), once I’ve finished creating the next one I’ll be sure to upload it to your site.

I’m also now linking to your site in my community fly-in posts which usually get a few hundred views so will hopefully help to raise awareness of it over time.


I gotta be honest, this has been a pretty frustrating experience. I set up an account, and was sent an email immediately, so it appeared to be working fine. I clicked the email, and successfully signed in to the site…all is good so far. Then I attempted to drop in a .pln file and share a flight plan. I got server errors. Over and over again…so I left it alone and decided to come back to it tonight, and am still getting the same thing. Can’t upload any flight plans. I hope you get it sorted, because the concept is great.

I’ll take a look at this right now. Can you send me the .pln you’re trying to upload? There may be an issue parsing your particular file.

Actually, I suspect I see the issue already. I see there was an error uploading a pln file recently which was missing the “App Major Version” field (and I’m guessing minor as well). How was your .pln file created? Was it outside MSFS? Sending your file would be very helpful so that I can make sure I can support the type you’re trying to upload.

I’ve pushed an update to handle pln files which are missing the app version number. I’d still like to see the one you have if you’re still having issues. Can you share it through Google Drive or something like that if you’re still having problems uploading?

It was created in Navigraph.

KTEXKVNY.pln (10.5 KB)

Whoops. I didn’t reply to you directly before.

It looks like it’s working now! Let me know if you have any issues if you try it. Thanks for sharing your file.

Oh yeah, we’re in business now! Thanks for the quick fix. I’ll get this uploaded soon as I get this airbus to cruise altitude.

Alright, I have everything written out & the screenshots added, but am again getting the Server Error 500 when I click on “Save Flight Plan”.

Sorry about that. This was the same problem with the missing app version on the other end of the process. I’ve resolved that now and did a test posting of your flight plan (which I’ve now deleted) and it worked all the way though.

Please try that again, and thank you for your patience.

I added two plans today Nevada Test Site Flight Plan and Fly the San Andreas Fault