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Those sounds nice. Would you mind posting them on

I uploaded them both.

Thanks! That Nevada Test Site one looks like it may be next on my list.

I’ve added a star rating system and Microsoft sign-in. Rate the plans you’ve liked the most!


This is fantastic, I’ve been looking for interesting routes, so I will definitely give this a go tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’ve just seen the new star rating system and the Microsoft sign-in, they’re great additions.

I was wondering if it may be worth adding a “Recommended Aircraft” box/section to the flight plan entry form, so people can quickly see the most appropriate aircraft to use for the flight plan.

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I’ll definitely add this in next. I won’t be able to do it tonight, but maybe tomorrow or Monday.

I’ve added this field in. You should be able to go back and edit your existing flight plans to add this information in.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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That’s great, thanks for adding it.

I’ve logged in and added the recommended aircraft for my plans. :+1:t2:

Hi. I signed up and tried to upload a flight plan yet I get a server error (500). Is there a limit to nr of stops maybe? I started with a slightly shortened version of my tour around Iceland (still 26 stops)
A landing challenge hopping through scenic Iceland

I’ll check this out and get back to you. Thanks for reporting the error and posting the flight plan.

It looks like the file has some improperly formatted XML. There’s an extra closing tag at the end which shouldn’t be there. Did you make any modifications to this by hand? If you remove that extra closing tag on line 228 then it seems to work ok.

Here’s ICELANDTOUR-modified.PLN (9.6 KB) file.

Ahh thanks. Yes I edit them by hand since the ‘editor’ in game doesn’t allow re-arranging the order and always puts them in the wrong order while adding. I must have left an extra closing tag in place when I removed the connecting leg to Sctsta. The game didn’t seem to mind, however I have noticed that when I accidentally mess up the start of the file (just place a single 3 at the start, hitting 3 instead of F3 which is search in the editor) the game crashes to desktop.

It worked, first flight plan successfully uploaded. The only thing is it says the Iceland Overhaul is a paid add-on while I checked the freeware checkbox

It’s looking great, love the map it generates!

Thanks for posting these! They look great! I’ll definitely be flying some of them in the next few evenings.

Whoops. In answer to your question about the add-ons, you check the box if it’s PAID. Leave it unchecked if it’s a free add-on. You should be able to go back and edit your posting through the “my flights” option if you click your profile icon in the top right.

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@Smef9835 As I was uploading my latest flight plan earlier today I noticed it’s possible to rate your own flight plans. Is that something that can/will be fixed?

Ha, I was actually talking with someone about that yesterday. I may restrict that so that you can’t rate your own FPs. I think the worry is that everyone will give all their own stuff five stars. Hopefully one rating won’t make a big difference, but right now with ratings as a feature being brand new, it definitely can have a lot of influence.

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I just uploaded a tour through Turkey, however I see there is no option for Western Asia, I put it under Europe for now (which is partly true anyway) Or I guess Turkey is part of the middle East, thus grouped with North Africa? I’ll put it with North Africa / Middle East.

Really happy to see the site is being used and trips are now being uploaded frequently.

A great idea, thanks again op!

I’ve changed it so that you can no longer rate your own flight plans.

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