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@SvenZ Regions are tough, and I found some lists online which seemed have enough detail, but not too much detail and worked with those. Regions aren’t really standardized or well defined, so there’s some room for interpretation with this. If people find that regions aren’t detailed enough or changes need to be made, I’ll definitely take feedback on the topic.

Turkey is hard to classify, partly Europe, partly middle East, partly Asia. Heck countries are hard to classify for example Western Sahara, not really a country still contested, as well as Kosovo in Europe. Then you have 2 cities in Morocco that belong to Spain while Gibraltar belongs to the UK. It’s all a bit messy.

One thing about the site, once you upload pictures you can’t edit the summary anymore. It does allow it but the picture view seems to cycle around and reset the cursor every second. Maybe it’s my browser (firefox). It’s not really a problem, upload the pictures last or edit afterwards (going back to edit doesn’t have the ‘cycling’ effect)

Keep up to good work, it looks great, and fun to revisit my previous flights again and pick out the best parts.

I can’t reproduce this. Could you give me some steps to take to make this happen? I tried uploading some images on a new flight plan and then typing in the summary field. I was able to enter text without any issues.

I fill everything out, add the pictures last. Then if I want to go back to edit the summary the cursor keeps getting reset to the end. The pictures keep cycling as well.

I captured it so you can see what’s going on

It’s not a big problem. After saving, then going back to edit doesn’t have that issue. It’s just odd like it gets stuck in a loop somewhere.

Thanks for the video. I’ve been able to reproduce this. For now, please wait for one image to finish uploading before moving on to the next and you should be ok.

Hi @Smef9835 just another suggestion for something I’ve recently noticed. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve noticed that the length of time to complete the FP is inputted in hours and minutes as expected, but once uploaded, the time is converted to decimal, which could be a bit confusing to some people. Is it possible to display all times in hours and minutes?

I’ve no idea if that’s something that’s easy to fix as I don’t know the first thing about website building, but I just thought I’d suggest it. :+1:t2:

I just saw the Spain flight plan you just posted, @SvenZ. It looks great! I really need to add comments to the site so that people can post on the flight plan directly and tell people when they look good.

@FlavorFlav365 I may make that change. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Would you like to post some of these? It sounds like a good set of routes.

I’ll try later on in the week. I only use the built-in planner to FS, so I’m afraid it will be riddled with the typical inconsistencies of altitude and NAV points, but I’ll give it a go.

Something I’m considering is adding a “number of stops” which would show the number of airport waypoints in the flight plan. I see some flight plans are multiple hours, but for me, having airports along the way makes me more likely to be interested since I can land and resume another time.

This data could be read from the flight plan file directly by checking the number of airports between the origin and destination. Do you all think this would be useful to add? It would probably be shown like next to the estimated time in the list view, so you’d see “2.5 hours / 3 stops” or something like that.


That sounds like a great supplement to these long routes. Please feel free to take the plans and adjust.

You can post those flight plans on the site yourself. It’s a community site for everyone to share and post their own content. It’s a good idea to fly them and grab some screenshots so that people can see what it actually looks like in-game.

I’m working on improvements to the image upload process right now to handle the issue @SvenZ mentioned, but here’s an idea for the hours/minutes display. Do you all think this is an improvement?

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That looks great to me! it makes far more sense than the decimal view. :+1:t2:

Yep looks great!

Btw I encountered another issue, not sure what causes it, but for two flight plans I got server error 500 after pressing save flight. Unfortunately that resets everything (I copy/paste the summary to a text file first now) and you have to start over.

I fixed the problem by loading the flight plan into little navmap and exporting it to a different filename. It looks the same (except that little navmap removes all the names and uses the ICAO codes as names) so I thought it might have something to do with the unicode names when generating the map. However in the second one where it failed no names have any unicode letters.

Comparing the files by content there are some differences. Little navmap adds Direct, a runway number for the Departure, removes all the -1 entries and fixes the height for departure and destination. However all my other flight plans have no issues with those differences.

If you feel like solving a mystery here are the two files that gave the server error 500
PyreneesAndorra.PLN (2.9 KB)
EyeOfSahara.PLN (2.9 KB)

Anyway a working solution is load the plan into little navmap and export it from there.

@SvenZ Thanks. I’ll investigate these problematic flight plans and get back to you. Your contributions and feedback on here are extremely valuable, and I really appreciate you letting me know when you have an issue.

This issue has been resolved. The problem was related to how the GPS coordinates for a particular waypoint were formatted. I’ve changed the way those coordinates are parsed and converted now.

Nice! Was it a missing space in the coordinates? I just took another look at it and looks like you found a bug in Total Commander’s compare by content function. It doesn’t highlight the missing space difference doh.

Great work, the site works very well. Very easy to use.


I have entered my first flight plan on your site (Saudi Arabia Volcanoes tour) ; I get a finished flight plan, but the altitude profile remains at 0 after WP1 (starting airport). I made my FP with Little Navmap and exported into .pln format. Did I do something wrong ? May I use another export format ?

The Flight Altitudes chart is generated based on the altitudes set in the waypoints of your flight plan. I can see from the file you uploaded that the first waypoint has an altitude, but then all the others are 000000 ft.

I haven’t used Little NavMap before and I’m not sure if there’s somewhere in there to set altitudes. It’ll still be usable with everyone without altitudes set on the waypoints. You can edit the flight plan and upload a new pln if you’d like, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem for people. @SvenZ or @FlavorFlav365 might be able to give you some more information about using Little NavMap.