World Tour in a King Air 350

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Along the north coast of Iceland

Starting approach to Akureyri, Iceland

Hofsjökull, the third largest icecap in Iceland

Langjökull, the second largest icecap in Iceland

On final to Vestmannaeyjar, off the south coast of Iceland

Flying along the southeast coast of Iceland

Vatnajökull in southeastern Iceland is the largest and most voluminous ice cap in Iceland

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The Faroe Islands

Loch Ness, Scotland

Passing through the highlands over Loch Lochy

Over Loch Linnhe on the way to a landing in Islay, for a sip of scotch… :slight_smile:

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Loch Lomand, Scotland

Stirling, Scotland. The site of the 1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge

Leaving Scotland for Liverpool, England

Leaving Liverpool below for Dublin

Port Issac, Cornwall, England

Lands End, Cornwall, England

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London, England

Leaving England for Amsterdam


Beaches at Normandy, France

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Turning onto final over Lake Geneva for Runway 22

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Flying past the eastern end of Lake Geneva and on into the Swiss Alps

Mount Blanc

Flying west across central France from Lyon to Bordeaux

Arcachon, a seaside resort town in southwest France

Northern coast of Spain, near Santander

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World Tour, so far, Hope to see you along the way…


Leaving Porto, Portugal

Flying east from Faro, Portugal

Straight of Gibraltar

After parking at Gibraltar


Flying southeast from Madrid, approaching Valencia, Spain