World Travel with AS-MSFS: Persepolis! Where have you been flying?

How to travel during holidays during a time of pandemic, sanctions etc.? YES! fly with AS-MSFS! Let’s start with epic, fascinating PERSEPOLIS, flying over the ancient capital of the Persian Empire, at the Gate of all nations. Echo Papa Oskar Kilo, Grand Caravan departed from OISS city of Shiraz in Iran heading North East…


I am also very pleased that they modeled Cyrus’s tomb. Iran has never had so much detail in any sim before.


Totally agree with you and for the first time there is even snow in the high mountains north of the capital Tehran, as well as the northern part of the city. Greetings!

Thanks for sharing, another place to go on my list!


Most welcome, you can download Persepolis at…/iran-persepolis-takht-e…/4681