World UI Functions

I’ve raised a Zendesk ticket asking for these two changes.
1: The Filter Window. Make your selections/Deselections memorised. For example, I deselect POIs, Fauna, Water runways and helipads along with a few other bits. This because it de-clutters the globe making it slightly easier to track down the whereabouts of your buddies. This would be not quite as important if they would implement…

2: Friends List entries should be, when clicked on, be able to zoom straight to where they are in the world. I would help save mouse mat wear, not to mention a lot of time!

This would be very handy indeed. Hard to understand why it hasn’t been there for a while already.

Do these Wishlist topics cover your requests?

Indeed they do. I did look to see if anyone else brought these requests up, but failed. Thanks for finding them.

No problem! Thank you for letting me know.
I will send you a DM.