World Update 11 - September 2022 - CANADA

Hi all,

What it is the new World Update XI for september 2022 ?
How many / which countries or regions ?


It hasn’t been announced yet.

I thought they said they were holding off until August?

Is a question for WORLD UPDATE 11 for September not SIM UPDATE 10 for August

Hello @alex207498,

World Update 11 is still planned for a September release as per the Roadmap you posted. We have not yet announced the location. This is not a promise because I haven’t seen the agenda yet, but in the past Jorg has typically revealed the next World Update during a Dev Q&A Livestream (the next one is tentatively scheduled for mid-late August, exact date TBD).



Thank you SeedyL3205 & MSFS Team !

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World Update 11 = CANADA
SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

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What is the airport list?

Any details on where updated scenery will be?

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