World update 3: UK

I was ready to fly EHAM - EGGP last Thursday but have extended my EU stay and got to grips with the Working Title CJ4, which I’m very happy with. Currently stationed at Bergen, waiting patiently for the go-ahead to do the short southerly flight, out of the EU and in to EGGP

Please give us the Source?

Don’t feed it…

He has no source. He’s just trying to feed the flame which is dumb.

Always around 4pm GMT… Love the negativity…

2683 posts to beat. Surely that’s doable?

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I meant that as a joke, you know, one-liner jokes?

It is also the only way that is currently causing many despair. Zendesk is a joke sorry … addressing problems after voting …

Goodness sakes guys

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So, is it going to be released today or is asobo going to delay it again.

I genuinely hope it is, but if it’s not, just be a little more open with us asobo. If you decide it’s not ready still, that’s fine. We understand that you want to release the best game update possible, and it takes time, if it’s delayed again that’s okay, just let us know in advance and not keep us waiting all day :joy:

How is everyone in the chat this morning/afternoon/evening?


Clearly a joke, but in all seriousness, someone can come across that, and we have another outburst on our hands.

I’m sure we’ve all seen evidence of users not reading a whole thread before replying, with often repeated questions that have already been answered.

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Not to bad. How’s yourself?

Been trying to reinstall the game for three days now and just getting stuck. Hoping the new update pushes out something that can progress it.

Yeah I guess you can’t blame them since this thread is over 2k posts. I’ve added an edit for good measure haha.

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Yep, you’re just poking the beast and it ruins people’s day! Lets try to stop things kicking off before they have to :stuck_out_tongue:

(the edit helps, appreciated :+1:)



I love this sim.

I don’t mess with it or tweak it.

I have a few of the fantastic freeware offerings.

I would love the update like everyone else, but it will come when it comes.

In the last few months, I have never had CTDs, my updates work perfectly and I get around 40FPS, mainly in Ultra settings, with 4K resolution which I have in a window, and to maintain the FPS in busy situations, I adjust the window size.

It is a sim that I have always dreamed of having since the first version of Flight Simulator!

I have seen it improve magnificently since Tech Alpha and I know with each passing month it will getter better.

Fantastic flying days ahead.


Guys, any recommedations on how to update MS? Currently my 747 MCU doesnt work because of the a320 mod. I wonder if the update will fix that…
Update it via the store or via the sim?

I fully agree!
It look like bug fixing is not the priority of Asobo.

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If you bought from the store my preferred approach is:

Empty community folder
Start the sim
Get redirected to the store
Download the store update
Click Play in the store
The sim starts and will start to download the update
After update, exit the sim
Do a full pc restart
Run the sim
Check the content manager for anything that needs to be updated
Update anything in the content manager (eg world update)
Quit the sim
Restart my pc
Start the sim

Once sure all OK, quit the sim and replace mods and test

And good to go

Seems convoluted but has worked every time so far (commentators kiss of death ?)


I’m assuming that only works for people that can actually run the game?

As I haven’t managed to download the full game for a few days now.