World Update 4 - LFHM Megeve - strange giant "rooftops" in the vincinity

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Lol that is really interesting. Maybe try to deiinstall the Content for the Worldupdate and reinstall it.

Thanks for this suggestion. I deinstalled FRANCE - POINTS OF INTEREST and re-installed it using the Content Manager (“Inhaltsmanager”), but no change on this bug. The landscape looks as if there are 2 buildings show in either factor 256 or 1024 (just guessing) magnification?

What did I do wrong? Is there another package that I would have to re-install? Is there anyone seeing the same artefacts near Megeve? Is there a way to identify all packages that belong to the World Update 4?

Sorry - I forgot to mention that also re-installing the package LHFM - MEGEVE (V 0.1.4) didn’t solve the problem.
I was at the (real) Megeve Altiport several years ago with a gyrocopter and had an incredible flight above the Montblanc glacier fields - but I never saw these giant buildings :wink:

Well, that’s kind of a cool glitch for a change. :smiley:

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En confirmation des messages précédents, le problème est dû à l’add-on LFHM. J’ai fait le test en le supprimant et en vidant community : ces constructions disparaissent, puis en le rechargeant, elles réapparaissent !
En espérant un correctif pour retrouver une Haute-Savoie naturelle !!! :confused:

Have the same bug😒

I have this bug as well

deleting the Airport LFHM Megeve in the Content manager or in the folder Packages\Official… solves the problem, reinstalling or copying the folder back in its place brought back the bug.

Thanks a lot for your tips advice. I now know that this bug is not caused by my “greenhorn” experience.
I still prefer the buggy 0.1.4 version of LFHM Megeve because of the much better terrain modelling of the runway. In the generic modelling this airport is not so interesting as in the 0.1.4 or in real world.

So I hope for a correct 0.1.5 to come soon and will in between fly on other altiports.

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I have the same issue.


Is this problem solved ?

I also get these rooftops, even with no scenery in the community folder.



As far as I can see the problem still exists: there is no newer version of LFHM-MEGEVE scenery available than the 0.1.4 with giant rooftops, fences and chimneys.

By the way: is there a better way to inform members of the MSFS2020 development team about minor shortcomings than mentioning them in this forum? (Sorry - I’m still a FS greenhorn and admit that I didn’t read all the READMEs … :flushed: )

You can open a zendesk ticket : Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

I just checked LFHM, and it’s as good as real life for me (everything is installed). The only thing missing is the smell of horse manure. :grinning:

I reinstalled my MSFS with World Update 4 and LFHM scenery but same problem.

I’m hoping an update of Asobo LFHM scenery …


Same problem here

no such issue here.

Problems in mountains.

Hi @KugelKarpfen179 why is this post marked as a solution? So Asobo can ignore this issue now?

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