World Update 6 - Big disappointment Carinthia

To be honest i expected much more from Asobo, as Klagenfurt Area and also the Wöthersee Region have been promoted directly in streams and interviews.

Klagenfurt Airport is done ok, but simple things like the runway side area contains trees … ?!
Important VFR points which are visible from Klagenfurt are simply not there

  • Pyramidenkogel
  • 162m high tv tower on the villacher alpe
  • austrian air traffic control “Goldhaube” on the Koralpe

Also it seems that the developers did not really care about the region and did not inform about important scenery POI. Simply 2km around the Wörthersee have been redone, partly ok, but 5km away you still have the bad sattelite imagery with autogen classes where there is nothing. This is known since the alpha and nothing has been done.

The heightmap is still bad. Also at the LOWK airport. The earth barrier to the highway which is more then 5m high is simply flat… bascially everything which is away a few hundred meters from the mainbuildings are simple not taken care…

As i’m doing VFR flights in real life myself i’m very disappointed about this update, as Carinthia stayed nearly as bad as it was from beginning.

They’re really ignored this region so I’m really dissapointed. I live in Hungary so I wanted to take a trip around the “new” Alps but this keeps me away from it. I hope they fix this as soon as possible.

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