World Update 7

…for everyone who want to use it. Yes, the stability issues need to be ironed out, but their existence does not mean that the sim does not work in general. Because it does.

I’d love them to change how FS did their autogen scenery display so that island scenery showed much further out. When you’re flying over land, what they do now works pretty well. But, you get a few miles from an island and it’s barren. But, they could change that to say that, if they haven’t generated many scenery objects, expand the scenery circle until you display X objects.

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Yep All the Caribbean Islands would be awesome.


Australia + New Zealand… it’s time.


Lots of support for an Oceania or NZ update here, I’ve complied a list of suggested list of POI’s for NZ that I’d love to see covered as a kiwi simmer:

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The Caribbean islands would be great and with the aerosoft twin otter and the ATR72 coming would be perfect together :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :


I’d like to see them do a quantas livery for the 747 for the Australian update and an air new Zealand livery a320 neo during that update if it ever happened


those liveries are available in ??

If you want official ones you will have a VERY VERY long wait if they were to ever come Asobo cant just add real airline liveries as default to the sim unless they have a license agreement with the airlines who own the copyrights to the liveries.

South Europe, to complete the continent and all medium haul flights.

  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Balkan

Love flying in the Caribbean and especially my home Island of St. Maarten/St. Martin.



I would love to see Spain and the Balearics done


I’d love to see a Great Lakes update because I noticed that most of Canada’s major cities are around the Great Lakes because I love the area and I enjoy sailing them plus all the Great Lakes Islands in the bays and the lakes need work along with Marinas parks light houses and break walls all should be visible and the forts as well even the historical ships need to show up like for Duluth they could have the scenery from the tall ship festival and throw in Great Lakes freighters like the Arthur Morgan


This would be awesome in the sim.

How about moving away from Europe for a “World” update!?
How about Mexico/Central America/Caribbean??? (Still can´t believe that at this stage, the main hub between North and South America is totally missing! MPTO Tocumen, Panama!!!)


Very much this.

i’d like the world to improve. The order is just practicality and crowd-pleasers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess we want our own country updated as we know what’s wrong or missing.
Like my local GA airport dose not have it control tower.

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Wow, didn’t realize that was missing. That’s a major airport. It was clearly in FS2000+. I used to fly there in FS2000-2004 series, where I last got into the FS game.

WU:7 ? please don’t ! LOL


Cyprus with its clear waters and MacKenzie beach