World Update:Africa. Too much to ask for? 🤷‍♂️

I would LOVE to see world updates for “third world regions” I’m from the Caribbean and I and many other simmers from the Caribbean especially, would love to see a world update for our region. In addition Africa is a beautiful place and it’s not adequately represented in the simulator. I would love to see Asobo remedy this. Generally, I think “third world countries” are given a raw deal in terms of visual landmarks and other visual representations. This has happened in previous simulators and I am seeing the same trend in msfs. To be fair however, I have never seen my country (Trinidad and Tobago) represented as good in other sims, but there is still work to be done. When we have these world updates and you keep seeing mostly European countries are getting updated, a simmer like myself can’t help but wonder when will places like Africa, The Caribben and other Non-European countries will be updated. This does not include the USA they got an update as well. Hoping to see Asobo step up where this is concerned.


Please use Search before posting a topic to determine if it’s already covered - which it is. Choose your wild, or participate in both. Duplicate thread closed.

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