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After enjoying the Japan World update and looking forward to the America World update I would like to open the poll to convince Asobo to concentrate to update Europe next!

If the poll for updating Suouth korea (Please Update Cities/Airports in South Korea! A lot of them are missing!) could get 500+ votes, we should do it even better…
Nothing against south kroea, I visited the country several times and also looking forward for an update of this beautiful country!

I know the sim has many technical issues which should be resolved first but I already enjoy flying since the first day and as a mainly VFR flying pilot I am looking forward for improvements of cities like Berlin, Paris or more details in the Alps (DEM!) or Scandinavia. Missing airports (e.g. EDDS) and landmarks should also be added finally…

3rd party and also many community sceneries are awesom and I use a lot but Asobo can improve the entire region by using better data.

Regarding 3rd Party Sceneries just take a look to the Aerosoft Airfields East Frisian Islands as an example for outstanding work:

Please vote so Asobo is considering this as their next high priority regarding improving the impressive visual of the sim…

Always tree greens!

Where to vote? :smiley: By the way, is there a statistics of MSFS user locations?

Found a slightly overlapping whislist topic here. But you can vote for both, if you like…

There’s a Vote button at the top of the thread

Oh, I see, thanks :slight_smile:

Just to add some already existing info from Asobo to this topic.
In the last DEV Q&A they mentioned that the creation of more accurate seceneries is depending on finding (and contrating) more acurate data from official sources, like DEM (Digital Elevation models) or photogrammetry. In europe it seems they have to talk to each country seperatly. Possibly we will get World Update from parts of Europe someday and step by step… Hope dies last!

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Prior houses and landscapes, the Airports situation needs to be reviewed:

Actually in MSFS we have:

Lack of important Airports, but also:

  • Airports not in use (non-existent).

  • Airports in use that are a satellite picture and no more.


Please vote for the topic in upcoming Dev Q&A (Nov. 25th).
I would like to hear what their plan are regarding europe.
Thank you!

After the yesterdays Dev Q&A we now know UK update will come in January! I am lokking forward to this as I am also just enjoying the USA World update!

Thank you Asobo/MS.

So now we can open a new the discussion: “When will my country be on the list???” :slight_smile:

I can’t see Europe being updated en masse due to the logistics of obtaining licences from multiple countries if photogrammetry is involved. It would appear that the update to the UK probably won’t involve Eire and possibly not even Northern Ireland perhaps for this reason. I think the best that can be expected will be areas at a time, for example Scandinavia, Central, Eastern and Mediterranean?

The question is though who at Microsoft has been tasked with approaching Putin for access to Russia’s data?


Oh yes. I want a Europe / Germany Update too. Some Areas and Orthos are very old and Blurry. I just opened bing maps in my Browser and i saw they have new satelite Data. Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein also.



I think we can close this thread. It is redundant. There have been numerous World Updates in Europe already. Also it is abandoned: there haven’t been any new posts for over two years. It’s only getting bumped