World Update for India

Does anyone know when MSFS is planning to cover photogrammetry for India?

In my honest opinion, I think it’s unlikely that regions like India or Brazil get any attention. Here in Brazil, for example, Bing aerial images are more than ten years out of date in many places. Considering the main target market, which I think is North America and Europe, plus the lack of up-to-date aerial imagery, I don’t think so. I hope I’m wrong!

There may also be political reasons why photogrammetry is not available in India. Maybe costs were too high for the number of projected users. Lack of competition, etc. Take for instance streetview. Its still not available India, yet the tiny island of Sri Lanka is nearly fully covered, and this was down to how much the government and states were willing to allow it to happen.


There is a wishlist here that you may wish to contribute to:

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for what i heard they are planning 6 world updates per year, so eventually they will i think.

i did, thanks for putting that to my knowledge

I do get you point, but just to say: I’d actually be very interested to have better world mesh / photogrammetric in countries that are “far, far away”!

After all, for many (including me) FS 2020 is all about “world discovery” rather than (just) “flying” (I am probably getting stoned for this statement now - no worries, I can take it ;)).

Sure: in the first days I was “discovering my home town and surroundings (country)”, but I’d just love e.g. Rio de Janeiro (and other South American cities) to get some “photogrammetric love”, and the mountains like the Andes get higher resolution meshes. And some “real tropical rain forrests” etc.

Same goes for Africa and other “non-home market continents”.

Cheers from Switzerland (and yes, of course I am looking forward for the next World Update, can’t hide that joy - wasn’t expecting Switzerland to be covered so quickly, especially since it is already beautiful to fly in as it is ;))


Jörg clerly told several times that they are going to improve the entire Earth and the every continent on it, maybe some regions are going to be included in a compound updates rather than a more individual ones like now - but that’s it. However I think that Brazil and India are still big enough to be eligible for an update on they own.


lol so jealous of u. I do get ur point about exploring, but, we end up doing most of the ‘exploration’ about the places we already know of. India update will always be more important to me than it will be ever to u. Sure, I wannna go and check Statue of liberty? YES!!! But I still cant know everything about my locality.

Fair point :wink:

UPDATE: I am actually getting some “POI fatigue” already. Sure, it’s nice to see that, for instance, the “Kapellbrücke” (a famous wodden bridge) in Lucerne (Switzerland) will be modelled.

But you select it as destination, you circle it a couple of times - or you plan a “POI to POI” route. But after the first dozens or so POIs my “3D model viewer saturation level” goes over 100%.

Don’t get me wrong: I highly appreciate that Asobo is adding all those detailed 3D objects! But they are more like “quick sugar bombs” rather than a long-lasting sensation.

So what I’d be curious to see is really improvements in the AI, more detailed / more variations of generated buildings / objects, more “life traffic” (boats, trains, smoking chimneys, …) - you know, everything that makes the world feel “more alive”.

And “the entire planet” would profit from those AI improvements. This, plus of course higher resolution meshes (especially in the mountains, of course) are always very welcome, too! And manually adjusted airports, of course :slight_smile: (Yes, I am aware that those World Updates are not just “POI improvements” and that they also come with higher resolution meshes and improved airports - I was mixing my thoughts here a little)


India and its people are wonderful and I’d certainly like to see this too in an update.

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IMO, water masks are far more effective and a much easier win than POI’s in terms of the work involved to add them to the world and the visual impact they have. Comparing a non-water masked coast to one which has received the works, the transformation is stunning. India, with it’s beautiful coastlines (and Sri Lanka!) would benefit so much from water masks.

I do get your point, but correct me if I am wrong, how lively does it get when you see things from above, other than cars moving around. From my personal experience, even water running from dams look still.

Hard to tell when I am flying with my F-16 upside down 200 feet above the Las Vegas Strip at 450+ knots :wink:

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