World update france and a tiny bit of benelux

First of all, it’s a great update with much improvements. But… I have a feeling this update is a little bit to much leaning to the french side. Great oppertunities are missed here in my opinion.

Afsluitdijk is not really a dijk. It’s just flat.

Overall dutch waterworks are famous around the world but not really present in the sim.

Waddenzee would’ve been very interesting if the water masking was done between the main land and the wadden islands.

Eindhoven airport (eheh - second largest commercial airport after eham) is still missing. Instead they choose to overhaul rotterdam the hague airport.

These are just a few things i noticed myself after a couple of flight’s in the netherlands.

Ofcourse, as i’m dutch myself i’m prety biased. But i think the netherlands have lot’s of world famous landmarks wich arent’t really present in this update. Instead we got a bunch of french castles no one ever heard of.

And i guess it’s the same for belgium and luxembourg by looking at the poi’s on the world map.

It’s a great update and i appreciate that we’re getting this for free. And i love flying in france aswel. But i think it would’ve been better if they just did a world update france and a seperate update for benelux. Or atleast balance out the poi’s between the 4 countries instead of the 90% french poi’s we have now😅


I’m french and I kind of agree. Lots of missed opportunities here. I’m not sure how they choose the sites to cover, I’d buy a couple of tourism guides like the Michelin guides or the Lonely planet, and I’d look for the most important regions to visit and monuments to see and model those.

But my biggest disappointment is the fact there are so few photogrammetry sites and not so much update on the mesh side. I expected at least a dozen towns for France alone. But I suppose it’s for some dumb reason much harder to get these data in my country than in the US. Otherwise they did a good job with modeling a number of monuments in France, but indeed not so much in the other countries.


I feel your pain. WU3 was a UK update and an Ireland downgrade.


The DEM data for Belgium is an example better than for France, if I remember it right the DEM data for Netherlands was also bit better than for France. Netherlands got an airport and photogrammetry for Amsterdam too.

As for POI, Netherlands is less than 10% of France size, so in terms of area, you got more POI per km2 than France.

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For the dutchies its always the same. Netherlands is Amsterdam and Rotterdam and the rest of the country isn’t important…Windmills, flower fields, hunnebeds, hills in the southeast, the efteling, indeed famous waterworks.

Although Belgium and Luxemburg are even less updated i guess

But we still have old aerial imagery… no update for France and benelux, I’m really disappointed about that

Well… that reflects pretty accurate how folks in the ‘randstad’ look at the rest of the Netherlands IRL.
I’m fine with that by the way…
Hopefully some ‘handige Harry’ will create a custom EHTE that includes 'the skydeck, the hangar restaurant, the take-off restaurant, vd Bunte aviation, the para club, and several others…

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As far as I can tell, the Netherlands update was about as usefull as a politicians promise in an election year.
Rotterdam resembles Tokyo after a visit from Godzilla.
The Kinderdijk windmills (I live there by the way) are nothing more than Hobbit dwellings after hurricane Catrina went over them.
Eindhoven airport has still been oblitterated by a hydrogen bomb.
The frustration outweighs the fun at this moment.
I’ll wait for Orbx to do a decent job for the Netherlands before returning to Microsoft Flightsim.

Asobo is a French company based out of Bordeaux so I was not surprised to see extra effort spent there.

Let’s not forget that Asobo is a French company and for that reason it’s easy to understand that they give a bit more priority to the French scenery in WU4.
No problem for me by the way… I like France and the variety in landscapes.

I don’t think this is the way we should look at interesting places. The netherlands might be small. But it’s still a big piece of land when flying over it. And poi’s should be things people know and recognize. The things you go search for when you fly around. Not just for dutch people, but anyone. So it would make sense to trade some of those french castles no one knows about for the deltaworks for example.

But once again. I love the update. Just a shame the benelux part of it is seriously lacking compared to france.

I understand that. And i expected nothing else. But it’s a shame that this patriotism made the rest of the update a bit… underwhelming. They can give france all the love they want. but if you call something a france/benelux update, it shouldn’t be 90% france vs 10% benelux i.m.o. :stuck_out_tongue:

So from the sound of it, Benelux got the shaft much like Ireland got the shaft in WU3. Minor, token updates just so they could include that name in the update title.


I had the following item after installing of worldupdate IV:
in the content manager all community files are indicated as “not installed”
although they are all available and working…
Could that be resolved?

probably yes. But not in this topic.

I had the same problem, tried bud failed. Cleared out the Community folder and installed
everything again, wich was the only option that worked. It was the first time i had this problem.

If they’d included more BeNeLux and less France, people would ask why it wasn’t the other way around. No way to please everyone.

We simply have to live with what we got and it also invites to explore places and countries that you’d normally not fly to.
I live in Germany and given how Frankfurt downtown/skyline looks like, you should be pretty happy you got at least something in your country :grin:

The rest is up to third parties to fill the gaps in terms of POI and airports.

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Definately no way to please anyone. however trading 15 france poi’s for dutch/belgium/luxembourg poi’s would barely be noticable in france. However the dutch map would be filled much more:P

About germany… I think it has a couple of photogrammetry cities as well as lot’s of poi’s like castles and things. I’m flying more in germany then in the netherlands because of this. That’s why i’m also a little dissapointed in the dutch Poi’s. However i do like the new aerial images and greenhouses. Also the rivers/coastlines look alot better. overal more detailed so it’s only about the poi’s in this case.

Well, you can check out this thread:

:smiley: I think they try to find a balance not only related to the size of the country but also to spread the POIs on the map as evenly as possible (not possible for Paris for obvious reasons).
But I’d agree that having some POIs less in the photogrammetry area wouldn’t be that much noticeable.

To be honest I think the POIs are nice and all but spread thin over the countries in any case, and thus besides the point

I think the real big benefit is the update to the dem (and watermasks? Being in a landlocked country I wouldn’t know), and for that both Belgium and us 1/2million Luxembourgers got a phenomenal upgrade, the areas I’ve checked (all of Luxembourg (small country :slightly_smiling_face: ) and some of Belgium) are nothing short of fantastic!
In LUX some of it is so good it shows the precise size and locations of ditches along the roads!

POIs will come from 3rd party anyways, and most of it free

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