World Update V CTD FlyTampa Copenhagen (EKCH)

Hi Team,

I get a CTD every time I load flytampa EKCH that I purchased through the marketplace. I uninstalled flytampa and reloaded msfs with default scenery and there was no crash. Reinstalled through content manager again to see if it would overwrite but to no avail. it crashes to desktop again. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Wait for FlyTampa to issue an update. The down side is that with the long turnaround times from the marketplace, SU 5 will probably be out before the EKCH update is available in the marketplace.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:airports since this is about a FlyTampa product.

well i have had no alternative but to delete flytampas scenery from my content manager otherwise i get constant CTD when trying to load that location in MSFS… surely i am not the only one having this problem.

I think you may have a scenery conflict somewhere. I also have Flytampa’s EKCH scenery from the marketplace and it didn’t crash for me when I flew from there earlier today.

just look here the guy refuse to fix it and blames it on asobo just like all the dev do it’s the easy way out for them and i do mean all of them. . TNCM / TFFG issues! - #7 by Pieloth but if you do what pieloth says you can still use tncm but a lot of lines to replace.

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hmmmm well i wonder what it could be. i have no airports in the region other than one Orbx one and that airport works fine.

Do you have the Zinertek airport enhancement addon, as that is known to cause problems with some airports. Just because the OrbX one works, doesn’t mean it isn’t that that’s causing the problem - it may just load before the FlyTampa one in the content.xml file.

I dont have Zinertek enhancement but i did as suggested and removed malmo orbx scenery and reinstalled EKCH and it worked. However there are double taxiway signs and the ground texture taxiways are a mess. Its clear this airport is not compatiable with World Update V. There are no other add ons and payware in the vicinity